Whether you’re cheering from the side-lines, coaching your little brothers team or kicking a ball around with your mates- if you’re keen on sports it’s worth having a look at how you can turn it into a legitimate career.

Unfortunately for most of us, dreams of winning gold at the Olympics or scoring goals in front of packed stadiums are off the cards. But many of us are absolute champions when it comes to watching sport. We’re the ones painting our faces and screaming from the side-lines. We’re the ones planning our weekends around the next big game and cancelling plans to sit and yell at our television screens.

If you feel like sport is pretty much already your life, why not make it your career? You don’t need to be a talented athlete to turn your obsession into a real job, and thanks to the legends at Torrens University, you can study a degree to get there without even having to lift a ball if you don’t want to.

Their Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) can get you into areas like sports tourism, events management, sporting agencies, sports media and promotion and health lifestyle industries. Basically, whatever area you’re keen on, this degree will give you the options to go with it. Plus, you don’t have to freak out about being boxed into one area- there’s a massive range of jobs out there including being a manager of individual athletes or sorting out media deals and contracts for clubs.

One of the best bits about the degree is you’ll be learning everything you need to know about sport and business (so you can head down either pathway if you want). You’ll get the theory knowledge on both sides down pat, then be able to find an industry placement so you can get all the practical skills you need as well. From the historical foundation of sport and management principles, to the business environment- whatever you learn will be relevant to a heap of different jobs, so you’re not backing yourself in a corner.

And a massive perk of Torrens University is that you’ll be able to accelerate your Sports Management degree and complete it in just two years, meaning you’re well ahead of the pack when it comes to looking for a job.

You’ve also got the option of doing the degree on campus or completely online, so you’ll still be able to pick up shifts at work and go out with your mates when you want to. Torrens gets that you have a life outside studying, and their online learning options means you have the freedom to work, study and have a social life. You could even jump on a plane and complete your studies while travelling; all you need is access to the interwebs.

Plussss, if you continue on to do their postgrad course, the Master of Business Administration in Sports Management, you’ll also be able to complete a two-week placement in Madrid in Spain.

Basically, it’s an ace degree that has all the goods to get you into a sporting career. You can find out more information about the degree, studying online and other perks of studying at Torrens right here- check it outtttttt.