When you think of a career in the beauty industry, you might think it’s restricted to those who are addicted to YouTube makeup tutorials, whose friends all ask them to do their eyebrows and false lashes before a night out and spend hours practicing using the latest palette. But there’s actually a lot more to the industry than that.

Torrens University Australia’s Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) isn’t just for those with a million make up brushes or who can contour perfectly every time. This degree will get you into the beauty therapy industry in some ways you might not have considered yet (and with a higher qualification than your typical Diploma or Certificate).

With subjects like cosmetic chemistry, human anatomy and physiology, foundations of aesthetics and aesthetic in surgical practices, the Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) isn’t your typical beauty qualification. Put it this way – it’s certainly not an eight-week makeup course. Torrens offers a legit, university course in Health that will get you qualified for jobs like aesthetic clinician, dermal therapist, pre and post-operative patient care support, clinic manager, paramedical aesthetician, IPL and Laser technician or educator in the industry.

If you don’t know what the heck any of those things mean, the essence of the health aesthetics industry is that you are treating and supporting patients by helping them look and feel better (e.g. treating peoples skin conditions to help them feel more confident about themselves). It’s kind of a mixture between beauty and science, but without the hassle of having to study a medical degree.

Torrens makes sure you’ve got all the theory down pat in a really supportive learning environment, and they ensure that you’re ready to actually work in the industry by the time you graduate. When you’ve completed your degree, you’ll be able to work with the ever-changing beauty and aesthetic technologies that are continually being developed. And, thanks to the teachers at Torrens being aesthetic professionals themselves, you’ll have some help getting your foot in the door when it comes to jobs and networking.

If this sounds all well and good to you, but you’re kind of missing the makeup and pampering side of things – don’t stress. Torrens also offer a Diploma of Beauty and Spa Practice, which can help you get into a job as a makeup artist, beauty and spa therapist, cosmetic advisor/sales rep, or salon manager. After you’ve successfully completed the Diploma (which only takes one year full time), you can then slide right into the second year of the Bachelor of Health Science (Aesthetics) degree if you want to extend your qualification.

With personal care services and the cosmetic sectors growing like crazy right now, it’s definitely an industry worth looking into, especially if you like working with people and making them feel beautiful.

If you’re keen on getting into the beauty industry, and want a solid degree that will open up a heap of opportunities for you, it’s worth checking out what Torrens University has on offer. You can sus out more about their beauty courses right here.