Our job is a huge compromise in life. We pick a stable job that will simply pay the bills. For some, they’re lucky enough to say they love their job. Whereas others compromised their dreams just for a pay cheque because they had no idea that there are so many options out there. Especially within the sports industry.

Working in the sports industry doesn’t just mean being a professional athlete. There’s a whole array of careers and pathways that are sports-related. Whatever your passions and skills are, it’s just a matter of knowing what jobs exist in the sports industry.

1. Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy is a guided hypnosis (trance-like state of focus and concentration) achieved with the help of a clinical hypnotherapist. What the hell does this have to do with sports you ask? Well, hypnosis has been used by sporting professionals at all levels- it’s therapeutic and can enhance their performance by fortifying their mentality.

2. Sports agent

If you think you've got an eye for a rising star or can spot talent when you see it, then becoming a sports agent just might be your calling. A sports agent's role includes negotiating contracts, endorsement deals and getting to kick back with some of the biggest sporting heroes in Australia.

Torrens University offers a Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) that’ll put you on track to becoming a sports agent. Not only will you be able to represent some sporting stars, but you’ll also harness management principles that will give you a leg up on others in the industry.

3. High performance manager

Working behind the scenes, a high-performance manager oversees all the processes with the physical preparation of the team. Basically, you prepare the athletes to complete the task at hand and achieve the desired outcome, which includes looking after a plethora of medical staff and dieticians. It’s definitely a job for someone who is organised and is goal orientated.  

4. Strength and conditioning coach

Like personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches help athletes improve their fitness. You’ll work intimately with athletes, develop training programs for teams and individual athletes and work together with the coaches. So, if you’re more of a hands-on type of person who likes to help, this will suit ya a bunch. Not to mention you’ll be keeping yourself in shape too.

5. Rehabilitation co-ordinator

Injuries suck. Especially for professional athletes because it means big question mark gets stamped on their career. But that’s where a rehabilitation co-ordinator swings in to put em’ right back on track.

Rehabilitation co-ordinators are responsible for the medical care, therapy sessions and rehabilitation training for athletes that are injured. What they do best is the physical and mental improvement of athletes so they’re able to get back out there doin’ what they love. The job typically requires a degree in Nursing or Health Sciences.

So if you’re somebody who chucks on a 3am alarm to wake up for a game or buys a season pass for ya fav team, consider a career in the sporting industry. Even if you’re pretty shocking at sport yourself, there are plenty of options out there.