Wake up, hop on a train packed like sardines, chain yourself to a desk for eight hours, get back on the train and jump into bed, gearing up for another day of the same old stuff.

It might seem like settling for this sort of routine is your only option (especially since we’ve been doing a version of it for thirteen years at school) but if you’re someone who doesn’t want to be stuck behind a desk then there are plenty of different options out there for ya.

One of these options is with the legends over at Orphic Education, who get that some of us just don’t want to commit to the regular 9 – 5 grind.

They offer courses in fitness education – specifically, a nationally recognised Certificate III and IV in Fitness. This is perfect for anyone who’s keen on sport and fitness but knows that winning gold at the Olympics or playing in front of packed stadiums is off the cards. Thanks to Orphic, you can still get involved in the industry as a trainer.

Orphic equips you with the tools you need to become a quality fitness instructor. During the course, you’ll get all the knowledge to plan and conduct exercise training sessions, provide guidance and advice to clients of all ages and learn about human anatomy in relation to fitness.

It’s a 50/50 split between theory and prac at Orphic, so everything you learn on paper, you’ll actually be able to give a go which is super important because experience is everything. It helps you get your foot in the door with your career and you’ll never be stuck behind a desk.

Plus, Orphic trainers have worked in a range of codes with different teams – from the A League to the NRL and AFL and there’s nothing stopping you from following their footsteps and working as a trainer for top athletes.

Orphic’s trainers have rubbed shoulders will all types of athletes and worked as rehab coordinators, high performance managers and strength and conditioning coaches which means you’ll be learning from the best.

On top of all this, there’s a mix of on-campus and online modules which means you’re able to work around whatever else you’ve got going on. The courses are six months, but you’ve got twelve months to complete all the components.

As far as courses go, this one sounds like a cracker. So, if you want to help people live their best lives (and have a killer career yourself) then head over here to get some more info and download a free brochure.