Our teenage years are a whirlwind of study, Maccas runs, 18ths and driving lessons. It’s a mash up of frantic all-nighters before exams and laughing with your friends so hard during Biology that your stomach hurts and tears stream down your face.

Our teenage years aren’t perfect by any means, but when you look past the tests and assignments, there are some pretty good memories in there. Here’s five things you need to remember during them:

1. Now is not the time to settle

We’re just hitting our peak and there’s an endless amount of opportunities ahead of us. Don’t settle for someone who only messages you at 10pm because you’re scared there’s no one else. Don’t settle for a job that grinds you down because you’re worried about the money. Don’t settle for a university that sticks you into a classroom and drains your creativity because you think that’s the way education is meant to be.

2. Learning doesn’t mean being chained to a desk

We’ve spent most of our lives sitting behind a desk, listening to someone speak at us and memorising things for the sake of writing it down in an exam. But there’s other ways to learn–talk to people, ask them questions about their job and how they got there after high school. Try actually doing things rather than reading about it in a textbook or just wishing you could do it. Want to get better at drawing? Take a class. Want to learn how to design clothes for your favourite brands? Study a degree that lets you make and showcase your own creations. Keen to learn how to snap photos that are good enough for magazines? Look for somewhere that has top equipment you can learn with

Particularly if you’re looking to get creative, it doesn’t make sense to be stuck behind a desk to learn, so find the places that break you out of that.

3. Be conscious of what you surround yourself with

We’re a reflection of what we surround ourselves with. Your friends, your work and the things you do on the weekend are a culmination of what makes you, you–so be conscious, and choose wisely.

You need to surround yourself with people who push you to be the best version of you. You need to find a career that makes you feel like you’re contributing to the world–it doesn’t need to be perfect but it needs to give you something other than a pay-slip at the end of the week. You need to study somewhere that reminds you why you love learning; somewhere that inspires you and pushes you to your limits in the best way possible.

Most importantly, you want to surround yourself with the absolute best, and places like LCI Melbourne give you the chance to do just that. All the teachers are industry experts who will help you get to where you want to be when you graduate, and small class sizes mean one-on-one mentoring and support throughout. Not to mention the newly renovated campus and top-tier facilities, meaning you’ll be learning with the best of the best.

What we’re trying to say is if you’re looking for inspiration or a way to get creative and start a career then LCI Melbourne is the place to be. They offer a Bachelor of Design Arts with majors in Visual Arts, Filmmaking & Photography, Interior Design, Fashion & Costume Design, Communication Design, Graphic and Digital Design.

LCI Melbourne have an Open Day coming up on August 10 which is the perfect opportunity to check out the campus. If you can’t make it, you can check out the place through their virtual tour (which is just like walking through the building). As soon as you see it we reckon you’ll love LCI Melbourne as much as we do.

And, if the idea of heading to uni and being ‘creative’ by sitting in a lecture or stuck behind a desk doesn’t make sense to you, you’ll definitely be keen on how LCI Melbourne focuses on work placements and practical learning to give you the theory knowledge and practical skills to actually land a job when you graduate. On top of that, if you’re the sort of person who gets itchy feet or is pretty keen to get out into the world, LCI Education has 23 campuses around the globe which means there’s some pretty sweet opportunities to study abroad.

If LCI Melbourne sounds like it’s right for you or you just want a bit more info about what they’re all about, you can head here and chuck in your details.