There’s a reason why Melbourne is considered the most liveable city in the world for seven years running (Google it if you don’t believe me). Aside from the fact that all the cafes keep even the biggest coffee snobs happy, Melbourne has some massive events and a tonne of creative culture; it’s generally considered Australia’s major cultural centre. It’s a little bit hipster, a little bit grunge and basically perfect if you’re a creative person who wants to study a design degree.

Luckily, LCI Melbourne offer a variety of creative bachelor degree majors in Visual Arts, Advertising, Fashion, Interiors, and Graphic Design, and their campus is smack bang in the middle of it all in Collingwood. You only have to search ‘Melbourne art’ to get an idea of the vibe Collingwood gives off with its street art, galleries, festivals and music and food scene.

1. LCI has a freakin’ insane campus

The brand new LCI Melbourne campus is a converted warehouse, with everything you need to study like huge studios, computer labs, a library, dedicated study areas, an editing suite, student display space, personal studio spaces, a communal student lounge and a massive public contemporary gallery. As well as having some history behind it (the building was Melbourne’s earliest department store chain), Collingwood has a tonne of art galleries, boutiques, homeware stores, fashion houses, advertising agencies and design studios, which is perfect for any creative looking for a little inspiration.

The campus also just looks so damn good- exactly the sort of place where you can flex your design muscles and finally fulfil your ‘creative potential’ that all your high school teachers were talking about.

2. There’s some amazing majors to study

LCI Melbourne offer just one degree, but with six awesome majors like Visual Arts and Interior Design. If you’re one of those people who can’t wrap their head around Pythagoras’ theorem, but can spend hours sketching on the blank pages of their exam booklet it might be worth looking at majoring in Visual Arts. Or maybe your fav movie is The Devil Wears Prada and your dream job is in fashion- you could major in Fashion and Costume Design. Maybe taking snaps is your thing and you always get the best shots of your mates- you could get a degree in Filmmaking & Photography. Whatever creative industry you’re into, LCI Melbourne can hook you up with a degree in it.

Plus, if you’re stressing about what creative degrees can get you job-wise, you can head here to sus out all the jobs you can get with a VA degree (trust me, there’s some pretty good ones out there), or here to check about where a photography degree can get you (you could literally spend your days taking photos of cute doggos), or here to get all the info about landing a gig in fashion and design (there’s a heap of solid career pathways).

3. Show off ya work

If you head to LCI Melbourne to study, you’ll get the chance to show off your work in their own public gallery, in Collingwood’s established galleries, or, if you’re studying fashion, the iconic Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. The Festival is a week-long, annual event and the 2018 lineup has 50 runway shows. Last year, more that 31,000 people bought tickets to the festival, so it’s a pretty big deal, and LCI Melbourne has featured their own sellout runway for years. If you get the chance to show off your stuff, it’ll be amazing exposure in front of a massive crowd.

4. You’re not stuck there

While Melbourne is a pretty cool place to get a degree, you might find you’re getting itchy feet while studying. Lucky for you, Melbourne has an airport (two, actually), because LCI Melbourne is a part of the LCI Education Network, connecting to a group of schools that all specialise in design and art across five continents and 22 cities. This means you get the chance to study in places like Montreal, Vancouver, Barcelona, Bogotá, Istanbul or Jakarta.

The LCI Melbourne Study Abroad program basically lets you spend a trimester stretching your legs abroad while still working towards your degree. You won’t pay the overseas campus fees, just your regular course fees (which are covered under FEE HELP). Plus, the network gives you the chance to experience tailor-made trips to world capitals of design like New York, Tokyo or Paris.

5. Melbourne’s got everything you need

Back alley lane ways and cafes that are perfect for getting a coffee and taking the perfect photo for Insta? Tick.
Massive comedy, sport, fashion, arts and music events? Tick.
A food scene that is the stuff of foodie bloggers dreams? Tick.
An amazing place to study and earn a creative degree? Tick.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack ya bags and get to LCI Melbourne asap. You can read all about it over here and remember to pop in your deets if you’re keen for more info or to be a part of their 2018 intake.