If you’ve ever spent hours curating your Instagram aesthetic, stitched together a home video of your mates on your iPhone, or dropped thousands of dollars you don’t have on a new DSLR, then you probs should consider a degree in Filmmaking & Photography. Sure, slicing together videos or getting the right shot is an art, but it’s an art that can be taught. And once you’ve got the fundamental skills down pat, a whole world of incredible creative industries opens up to you.

Sus out some of these grouse careers you could get into. You could specialise in one, or dabble in a bunch of different ones as a freelance videographer or photographer.

1. Travel

Photographers and filmmakers are always in demand when it comes to the travel industry; think about how much footage you see from around the world on a daily basis. If you’re lucky, you could be travelling on assignment for a company or client, but many travel videographers and photographers do it on their own terms and sell their footage where they can.

2. Weddings/Baby/Pet Photography

There’s certainly always been a demand for wedding photographers, but the family, baby and pet photography business is also on the rise in a big way. Imagine getting to play with gorgeous puppies all day, or take happy snaps of newborn babies? And there’s something pretty spesh about getting to capture the happiest day of a couple’s life, whether that be through film or photographs.

3. Events

From corporate functions to sell-out festivals, most big events will need someone there to capture all the best moments. Imagine being able to travel to all of Australia’s biggest music festivals as a photographer, with VIP access backstage and the chance to shoot the artists in action. Pretty sweet gig, no?

4. Sports

In the same vein, every major sporting event needs someone there to take all those incredible action shots of the athletes. As a sports photographer/videographer, you’ll be getting right down on the sportspeoples’ level, with sideline seats to some of the country’s (or the world’s) biggest games – Roger Federer come at me.

5. Marketing

With so much marketing happening on social media these days, a good marketer or social media manager always knows how to snap a photo or vid their audience will love, and get it up on Facebook or Insta in real time. Marketers also need to brief creative consultants including photographers and filmmakers – so an understanding of how they work will go a long way for creating quality content.

6. Fashion

All those beautiful spreads you find in fashion magazines of stunning women lounging about in even more stunning clothing need to be photographed by someone. From studio shoots to catwalk events, there’s plenty that needs to be captured when it comes to the fashion and beauty industry.

7. Film & TV

Well, duh. If you’ve studied a filmmaking degree, why wouldn’t you want to be making movies for your career? It might not be the easiest industry to crack into, but it’s one that’s well worth the hard work and there’s plenty of roles you could be completing, from cinematographer to camera assistant to assistant director. Plus, you could be shooting anything from advertisements and short films to television series and feature-length films.

8. Food Styling

You know those photos of burgers you see all over your Facebook feed that have you reaching for your UBEReats app before your brain can even stop you from what you’re doing? Those burgers were actually styled by a photographer. The way you might use makeup on a model, food stylists use all kinds of methods to make food look super delish, which ironically can also make it totally inedible. Still pretty awesome though.

9. Vlogging

The world of vlogging is still a relatively new one, but it’s something that people are having huge success with. If you’re good with video editing, then becoming a Youtuber or vlogger could be an awesome way to put your skills to use. Many other vloggers also need help editing their own videos or writing scripts and planning content, so if you’re not a fan of being in front of the camera, this could be a good alternative.

10. Instagram

It’s not easy building up your Instagram following enough in order to earn a good pay packet from it, but it’s not impossible either – and a lot of people have done it. If your photos or videos are unique and well made, then you might just be able to set your insta up to earn some cash dolla.

One of these industries piquing your interest? Then you best find yourself a Photography & Filmmaking degree to get you started. If you’re in Melbourne (or you’re looking to move down there) then you should definitely check out LCI Melbourne’s Bachelor of Design Arts, where you can major in a bunch of amazing design courses – including Filmmaking & Photography. LCI Melbourne used to be known as the Academy of Design Australia, but they’ve totally revamped their courses and look, which includes a sick new converted-warehouse campus in cultural hub of Collingwood.