If you’re the kind of person who always gets the best candid snaps of your mates, spends hours stitching together clips of road trips and adventures with your friends to make the perfect birthday video or agonises over photos, editing the colouring and brightness until it’s justtttt right for your Insta feed, a career in photography could be for you.

There’s plenty of jobs out there if you decide to go down the photography route and, if you’re based in Melbourne you can start with a Bachelor of Design Arts with a major in Filmmaking & Photography at LCI Melbourne.

1. Wedding Photography

Anyone who has ever tried to book a quality wedding photographer knows they’re not cheap–and for good reason. Getting amazing snaps of a happy couple’s big day requires creativity and an eye for the perfect picture as well as the technical skills to deliver.

The industry is becoming more and more competitive, but don’t let this scare you away. There’s always going to be a demand for quality photographers and if you’ve got a passion for storytelling, the drive to push yourself in the industry and the knowledge a degree like a Bachelor of Design Arts will give you, there’s nothing stopping you.

Potential earning? This one really depends on things like experience and the duration of the shoot but wedding photographers can charge between $60-$120 an hour or as high as $6K per wedding if you include re-touching, prints and albums.

2. Marketing & Social Media

Marketing isn’t a new industry and brands have been perfecting their influencing strategies for decades. What is fairly new is the rise of social media. The power of platforms like Instagram and Facebook means there are plenty of top job opportunities for photographers that want to make quality content for their fave brands.

Photographers in high demand are those who can read an audience and know that going viral takes more than publishing a cute cat photo and hoping for the best. Nowadays, everyone from major businesses, celebrities, athletes and the girl down the road that who has dreams of becoming an ~influencer~ is looking for someone who will help them nail the perfect Instagram aesthetic.

Potential earning on this one depends; going it as a freelancer means you can decide your own rates but there’s also plenty of opportunities as a social media coordinator within a business where you can earn between 6080K per year.

3. Film & TV

With a major in Filmmaking & Photography, there’s nothing stopping you from getting into the film industry.

In this industry, you could go into roles where you’re managing promo shoots and celebrity portraits. Alternatively, you could be looking at going down the director or cinematographer route, where you’ll be in charge of the visuals of a film and responsible for managing everything from camera to lighting crews.

Potential salary? You’re looking at approx. 90K a year.

4. Food Styling

You know those photos of burgers you see all over your Facebook feed that have you reaching for your UBEReats app before your brain can even stop you? Those burgers were actually styled by a photographer. The way you might use makeup on a model, food stylists use all kinds of methods to make food look super delish, which is a pretty awesome gig.

Foodie photos are all over the place, from restaurants, fast food outlets, cookbooks, social media and recipe blogs.

Much like wedding photography, this one really depends on the project you’re working on and whether you’re working in-house with a company or tracking down freelance gigs. There’s potential to earn big bucks if you’re prepared to work hard and constantly build your portfolio and experience.

5. Events

From corporate functions to sell-out festivals, most big events will need someone there to capture all the best moments. Imagine being able to travel to all of Australia’s biggest music festivals as a photographer, with VIP access backstage and the chance to shoot the artists in action. Or getting to sit on the sideline of an international footy match while you snap some photos. Pretty sweet gig.

The massive perk of this job money-wise is that your travel and tickets are usually covered, which means you’re not out of pocket for attending a gig or getting into a game. Freelance rates vary, but if you’re working for a business you could be looking at a starting salary of 50K+ that goes up from there.

One of these lookin’ like your dream job? If you’re in Melbourne then LCI Melbourne’s Bachelor of Design Arts is your way in. You can major in a bunch of amazing design courses, including Filmmaking & Photography which could lead into any of these careers. If this sounds like something you’d be keen on, you can head here and suss out some more info.