Growing up is scary stuff. Learning to be an adult is tough enough but it gets even harder when we flick on the news and scroll through our socials to see some terrifying reports about where the world is headin’. We’re expected to figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives while also dealing with the uncertainty of our entire future.

But, not all hope is lost and there’s plenty of ways to get out, change the world and actually make a difference in a career we love. While most of us won’t end up being Nobel prize winners there’s still a tonne of different jobs out there that can cause a change – not just for us, but for everyone.

1. Fashion

I know what you’re thinking – how will working in fashion change the world?

Well, we’re currently in an age of mass consumption that has led to a beast who cannot be tamed - fast fashion.

Fast fashion refers to the speed with which designers churn out clothes and the speed with which we consume them, as statistics show over 6000kgs of clothing goes into landfill every ten minutes.

Working in the fashion industry gives you the opportunity to make a difference by allowing you to launch your own label, or design and handle production for large-scale manufacturers. More and more brands are becoming aware of their impact on a global scale and they need creatives who are keen on fashion to help them change.

Reckon it could be you? The best place to get started on something like this is through a qualification in fashion (like Fashion & Costume Design) where you’ll get an understanding of commercial manufacturing, logistics and distribution of fashion as well as the chance to get creative with your own designs. A win for you and a win for the world.

2. Filmmaking and Photography

The power of film and photography shouldn’t be underestimated. Film has an amazing ability to impact people, just look at docos like Black Fish – the year after it was released, SeaWorld’s profit plummeted. Images can be just as powerful – think of snaps like Afghan Girl and V-J Day, Times Square, 1945 (a.k.a. The Kiss) and you’ll realise that photos hold an intense amount of power.

And it’s possible to turn this into a career. Whether you go into making docos, being a film director or a journalistic photographer – you could have the power to document the world in a way that has a real impact on people.

Studying film and photography is a good way to start this one. Learning the theory behind shooting, as well as implementing it in practical settings is the key to pushing yourself forward in this career. Plus, our mates over at LCI Melbourne have an Open Day coming up on August 10 which is the perfect opportunity to check out their courses and campus (we’ll chuck some more info about them down the bottom of this article for ya).

3. Investigative Journalism

Exposing the truth, investigative journalists certainly are a catalyst for change.

Albeit risky, an investigative journalist spends an incredible amount of time researching topics like serious crimes, corruption or corporate wrongdoing. Often, they bring light to the darkest truths and show us what is really happening out in the world.

If you’ve got a strong sense of justice and a thing for research and writing, becoming an investigative journalist might be your calling.

4. Urban and Regional Planners

If you’re keen on making cities and towns better places for people who live there and for the environment, urban planning is certainly an area that will pique your interest. This isn’t just about picking a place to put the next shopping centre – it’s about designing the world in a way that’s sustainable and able to be accessed by everyone.

It’s an important gig – urban and regional planners often work closely with governments and companies in transportation, environmental and urban planning and design. You could potentially work on projects that help make parts of cities safer for women, areas more accessible for people with a disability or urban designs less damaging on the environment; all super important.

This one can be done through a variety of pathways from a Bachelor of Architecture and Environments to a Diploma of Town Planning.

5. Environmental Conservationist

Depending on the needs of the community and what area you go into, the role may vary. You might be looking at the number of native animals like bees in an area or you could be analysing samples from the Great Barrier Reef and putting together conservation reports.

Regardless of the tasks at hand, every environmental conservationist has the same mission: finding ways to use the land in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.  

If this is the sort of career you’re keen on getting in on, there’s plenty of ways to get started; look to local environmental groups and volunteer, suss out conservation gap years and research the tonne of degrees and diplomas in conservation that exist.

There’s a tonne of jobs out there that can change the world, some of them in ways you might not expect. Find one you’re passionate about and follow it.

In case you were looking for a little inspiration, you should head along to LCI Melbourne’s Open Day on August 10 we mentioned before. They’ve offer a Bachelor of Design Arts with majors in Comm Design, Fashion & Costume Design, Filmmaking & Photography, Graphic & Digital Design, Interior Design and Visual Arts and each of these has a tonne of different options for jobs that can make a difference. They let you flex your creativity while giving you all the theory knowledge you need to go out into the world and make an impact. You can head over here to see a sneak peek of what the campus looks like (you’ll love it but trust us when we say it’s worth seeing in person) or head here for some more info on the day.