Whether you have dreams of designing runway dresses, starting up your own company, being an editor at a fashion publication or just really loved textiles in high school, a career in fashion and design could be for you.

While you might instantly think of The Devil Wears Prada when someone mentions fashion–there’s a heap more job opportunities out there that go beyond being editor-in-chief at a fashion magazine. Styling, PR, journalism, graphic design and marketing and advertising all have solid fashion related career paths and jobs and here’s how to land ‘em.

1. Get qualified

The first step to getting into the industry is to get qualified. Places like LCI Melbourne offer a Bachelor of Design Arts and the opportunity to major in areas like Interior Design or Fashion and Costume Design. Plus, you also get to pick a sub-major, which means you’ll be able to widen your job opportunities and keep your options open.

They give you the chance to do things like choose fashion and costume design as your major, and then communication design as your sub major so you can open yourself up to careers in marketing and advertising.

2. Get ahead

With the industry being so competitive, you want to get your foot in the door as soon as possible. While LCI Melbourne gives you the chance to get your Bachelor’s with a regular full-time load (that will take about three years to complete), you can also smash it out in just two. Because their year is divided into trimesters, you can accelerate your degree and get it done and dusted and be graduating in just two years.

3. Get amongst it

Thanks to LCI Melbourne having trimesters, you’re easily able to do a trimester abroad at one of their overseas campuses and get amongst the fashion industry in places like Canada, Indonesia, Morocco or Spain. Studying abroad gives you the chance to get credit on your degree while getting a super unique experience overseas- win-win.

4. Get experience

We all know that employers are looking for experience from graduates; even entry level positions seem to be demanding a minimum of fifty years’ experience even though you’re fresh out of studying. The thing is, employers today want people who have the theoretical knowledge but, more importantly, who have the hands-on experience to back it up and actually be able to work. Getting an industry placement is essential nowadays.

LCI Melbourne know this and make sure you get the quality experiences at places like Virgin Melbourne fashion week, so you’re ready to land a job once you graduate.

5. Get passionate

No one gets anywhere in creative design industries without hard work and passion. Luckily, LCI Melbourne is the perfect environment to work towards your career. With industry professionals teaching you, an amazing campus in Melbourne and other likeminded students surrounding you, LCI Melbourne are setting you up for success.

Keen to get started in fashion design or interior design? How about photography and filmmaking? Or communication design? You can major in any of these areas, plus a bunch more with LCI Melbourne at their awesome new warehouse campus in Collingwood. Sus all the information over here and register your interest in one of their creative courses.