Exam period is such a dark and boring time in our lives. Thankfully, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: when you’re done, you never have to go back to school again. If you’re looking for some inspiration for brighten your days, and to help you think about what you’re really going to do once you reach the end of that tunnel–here are five gap year ideas that are sure to be an experience like no other

1. Ultimate Lion Cubs Experience

Live your childhood Lion King dreams, living and working with actual lion cubs. Did you need me to say it again? ACTUAL LION CUBS. You get to care for them, feed them, play with them, and probably even sing Hakuna Matata with them (no guarantees though, because I don’t think lions can actually sing).

2. Summer Camp

Hands up if you’ve ever watched a Hollywood movie set at a summer camp and gone “man, I wish I could go to camp!” Well, now you can! Spend your gap year as a camp counsellor, leading activities and becoming at one with nature, with added campfires and s’mores.

3. China Martial Arts Academy

This one is literally insane. Spend three months learning martial arts from experienced experts in the foothills of the Himalayas. This is an experience like no other–it’s gonna be pretty intense, but I imagine it’d be hella rewarding.

4. Jackaroo or Jillaroo

Despite living in this great southern land, a lot of us don’t really have experience with the actual land. As a Jackaroo or Jillaroo, you’ll experience the true outback culture, helping as well as some of the best hospitality and most stunning landscapes on offer. Working with animals, big and small, living life on the farm and settling back to watch the sunset with a few beers? Sold.

5. Stoke Passport

Your ultimate ticket to the world’s festivals, the Stoke Passport gets you involved in some of the best experiences Europe has to offer. You can attend the festivals of your choosing and pick them as you go on your trip of a lifetime. Music festivals, Oktoberfest, running of the bulls–tick off your bucket list all in one go.

Check out all these amazing experiences and more on our new Year13 Gaps site. Now, get planning!