Everyone knows Europe does festivals better than Australia, whether they’re centred around music, drinking wine, or just as an excuse to throw copious amounts of food at each other. Better yet, because their countries are so small and close to each other, you can hit up some of the best they have to offer in a single trip.

To take the stress out of planning, Stoke Travel are offering a dope festival ‘Passport’ that gives you access to four of Europe’s biggest parties for the price of three. The Stoke Passport lets you choose from over 20 different festivals across the continent, so you can personalise your trip to suit your style and the countries you want to visit. You don’t have to do them all in one trip either; it’s flexible enough to let you use up your trips over a two-year period (so there’s plenty of recovery time if you need it).

How does it work?

The Stoke Travel Passport essentially gives you 12 all-inclusive nights spread across four European festivals of your choice. It costs €550 which actually only adds up to the cost of three fezzies, so you’re getting heaps of bang for your buck.  

Included in this price is accommodation for the duration of each festival, usually at a campsite but some nights at a hotel or hostel. You also generally get breakfast and dinner provided each day, as well as some lunches. You get surf lessons at beach camps, lift passes for snow trips, access to all the equipment you need, Stoke tour guides to show you around, and an optional add-on for unlimited beer and sangria for €10/night (literal bargain).

Buying a Passport doesn’t mean you need to have all your shit together at once, either. Stoke only ask that you email them at least a week in advance to secure your spot on one of their trips. This is super, super useful for those of us that aren’t big on planning our travels and know we want to hit up a bunch of festivals, but won’t quite know which ones ‘til we’re pretty much there.

Why Stoke?

The trips that Stoke put on aren’t your standard bus tour kinda vibe, which means you get all the good bits of group travel without any of the crappy parts. You won’t be shepherded from one destination to another as quickly as possible with little time to enjoy yourself or stuck with the same people for weeks on end; you’ll be left to make your own fun, with the Stoke crew there simply to assist in the debauchery.

What you do get is a guaranteed squad of like-minded travellers, there to have a good time and to meet new people from all over the world. Plus, the Stoke campsites are (in)famous for their parties and the team definitely know how to help you have a good time. 

Where can I go?

There are over 20 festivals for you to choose from throughout Spain, Germany, France, Netherlands, Morocco, Hungary and Andorra. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Running Of The Bulls (Spain)
  • La Tomatina (Spain)
  • Oktoberfest (Germany)
  • King’s Day (Netherlands)
  • San Sebastien Surf Camp (Spain)
  • Sziget Music Festival (Hungary)
  • Les Fetes De Bayonne (France)
  • Andorra Snow Weekender (Andorra)

Click here to check out more information about the Stoke Travel Passport and browse their full list of festivals.