If Hollywood is anything to go by, starting university marks the beginning of the best days of your life, filled with partying and a constant flow of people to be your new mates. The only problem is that unlike the US, most Aussie kids stay local to study their degrees, staying at home with our parents and surrounded by the same kids that made high school a living hell.

For many of us, moving out for uni can actually be our best option to escape what we’ve known and start again somewhere new.

1. A fresh start

When you finish high school and start uni, you deserve to shake off any bad experiences that inevitably cropped up over the previous 18 years of awkwardly figuring out who you are. Moving for uni allows you do this in a spectacular fashion since you’ll be leaving behind all your childhood bullies, toxic friends, painful relationships, bad choices, and boring hometown.

You’ll get to reinvent yourself in a completely new environment, free of other people’s preconceptions about you. They’ll be just as keen to make new friends as you are, and most importantly they won’t know about the time you wet yourself at school assembly in Year 6.

 2. Get a dose of independence

Moving out of home means you’ll be able to fend for yourself for once. Sure, there’ll be moments where you fail pretty hard (a la frozen pizza for dinner 5 days in a row), but you’ll also learn some valuable life skills along the way. Managing your money, feeding yourself, and maintaining relative cleanliness–you’ll get good at these things pretty quick.

The great thing about moving out for university specifically is that you won’t be left completely on your own–on-campus accomm means you don’t have to worry about energy bills or dealing with real estate reps, and there’s plenty of support to be found in uni services and your fellow students. 

3. Live with other young people

Speaking of other students, uni is the best time to live out of home simply because you won’t be stuck with just two or three roommates–there are literally hundreds of new people to get to know.

A bunch of like-minded, recently-turned adults getting together to navigate their newfound freedom and independence sounds pretty ideal. You’ll get to host parties together, get drunk, form relationships, pull study all-nighters, and learn exciting new ideas with people interested in the same things as you.

4. Go on new adventures

Depending on where you choose to go to uni, there often a great opportunity to up your ‘gram game while exploring your new surrounds.

If you’ve seen everything your hometown has to offer, then why not set up at a uni that’s completely different to what you’re used to? Think something like the University of Tasmania (UTAS); it’s far away from home for most of us (but still well-connected with Melbs under an hour away from Launnie and Sydney under two) and super unique in that there’s a whole island to explore in your downtime. Hiking trails, snow-capped mountains, ragged cliffs and crystal-clear beaches are all on the agenda, not to mention the amazing food (oysters galore) and wineries.

Of course, these things are still available at home, but experiencing them in a brand-new setting is kinda like taking a holiday and starting university at the same time.

5. A change of scenery

UTAS is also perfect for a change of scenery for city and small-town folk alike, as it’s got the perfect balance of both lifestyles. If you currently live in a big city, Tassie is great in that there their cities are much smaller and more community-based (not to mention waaay cheaper), and easier to escape if you want to get out into nature on the weekend.

However, if you’ve been living that small-town life, UTAS in Hobart gives you access to a city with lockout law-free nightlife, cultural icons like the Mona art gallery, and incredible events like the Dark MOFO festival.

If you’re looking to get away from what you’ve known and really start fresh, then Tasmania is a great place to begin again. Plus, it’s free to apply to UTAS (unlike with UAC, VTAC, and QTAC, which all charge application fees) so there’s no loss if you change your mind.