When you turn 18 and can legally start going out, it’s natural for you and your friends to plan something for every Friday and Saturday night. Getting blind, staggering home with a pit-stop at Maccas or the local kebab shop and spending Sunday sobering up for the week ahead is pretty normal when you’re getting use to the freedom of being able to go out. As fun as it is, eventually the shine will wear off, and you’ll realise that a night in has a lot of underrated perks.

1. You can binge watch whatever you want

Maybe you need to catch up on the latest episodes of Orange is the New Black or House of Cards. Or maybe you want to rewatch a season of How I Met Your Mother or Gossip Girl. Staying home means you can binge on whatever you want, Harry Potter marathons included, in total comfort and without having to ask anyone else what they feel like doing.

2. You can stay in your pyjamas

Going out requires effort. If you’re leaving your house it means, at the very least, you’re going to have to put on pants. Staying home on the other hand, makes it perfectly acceptable to wear whatever the fuck you want. Pyjamas, dressing gowns, oversized trackies and jumpers- all good when you’re having a night in. Pants are also optional.

3. You decide when to sleep

When you spend a night in, no one is going to judge you for falling asleep to a Masterchef episode at 8pm and if you feel like spending the whole night watching conspiracy videos on Youtube, no one’s stopping you. Your house doesn’t have opening and closing times, so take full advantage of the fact that you can do whatever you want, without worrying about getting in before entry prices go up or leaving to make the last train of the night.

4. Blanket burritos

We’ve gotten to that time of the year where everyone is acting so shocked that it’s getting cold despite the fact that winter rolls around at the same time every year, and we can totally feel it coming. Staying in means you can avoid freezing while you queue to get in somewhere and at home, it’s totally acceptable to turn yourself into a human burrito with blankets.

5. It’s super cheap

Broke students rejoice, staying in is only going to cost you the price of pizza delivery and a Netflix account (which, lets be real, you’re probably not paying for anyway). Compared to paying for drinks, transport, food, entry fees and all the other shit a night out will cost you, staying in is definitely the more economical choice.