Organising a gap year is pretty exciting stuff. The destinations, variety of activities, getting lost in foreign streets and consuming copious amount of food... the world's your oyster. But unfortunately, the hit that your bank account takes is far less exciting.

Naturally, a gap year is quite a steep expense and it’s not unusual to be strapped for cash when travelling. But fear not! There are plenty of ways to earn cash during your gap year, so your pockets won’t be feelin’ empty while you're trying to enjoy yourself overseas.

1. Teach English

If you’re someone with itchy feet and a keen sense of adventure, teaching English in a foreign country will be right up your alley.

You’ll have the opportunity to teach people that are genuinely keen to learn the language, and you can watch as your students grow as a direct result of your work. A wholesome experience AND earning some dosh? What a treat.

You’ll need a qualification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) to get started, so give this one some thought before jetting off.  The Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE) offers a Certificate IV in TESOL that’ll gear you with the skills and knowledge to teach English to non-English speakers.

The best part is that it’ll only take you six months tops to complete. After that, the doors will be open to a wide range of jobs both domestically and internationally. Suss it out if you’re looking for a unique and steady way to earn some cash overseas.

2. Become a Boarding Assistant

As a boarding assistant, you get the opportunity to work alongside staff at local schools across the globe and experience their culture first-hand.

And when school’s out, you’re free to roam the country- even the continent. All those attractions you’ve been dreamin’ of are right at your front door. Sounds perfect.

If you're keen to work in the UK and spend the school holidays exploring Europe, suss out this gap program

3. Work at Summer Camp

Remember watching The Parent Trap or Camp Rock and get insanely jealous of the glorious camping lifestyle they all got to experience for their summer holidays? All we get is blistering sunburn and Icy Poles.

Well, if you’re able to relate well to kids and teenagers, have a squiz at becoming a camp counsellor. You’ll get to lead group activities at camp, relish in arts and crafts and rock out at camp discos. You’re never too old for camp, right?

4. Serve at Pubs

Ye’ old faithful. Worldwide, people are mixing drinks and serving pints every day. And there’s always a market for it. Thankfully, the skill set you gain from working at the pub translates nicely across international borders.

And let’s be real, a pub is where you would spend most of your spare time travelling anyway, so how sick would it be to earn some cash while you're there?

5. Work at Hostels

Many people spend the better part of their gap year in and out of hostels. And if you have an urge to immerse yourself in an environment with plenty of other travellers, finding a job in one of the infinite number of hostels across the world is a no brainer.

While it may not be the most glamorous job (we all know backpackers, hostels, and cleanliness don’t mix well), it’s an easy job that’s guaranteed to get you a couple of bucks and potentially some food and lodging too. 

Gap years don’t have to cost you an arm or leg. There are plenty of ways that you can earn cash, sightsee and still have fun. You’ve just gotta find what takes your fancy.