Some of your friends are going to be by circumstance: the people you see everyday at school, the ones at work who you bond with over your hatred for customers and your teammates who you spend every Saturday with but never see during the week.

But some friends are more than that and when circumstances mean you can’t see each other often (you’re moving house, living on campus, going travelling), and the relationship becomes long distance, you need to make more of an effort to keep your bestie close.

1. Accept that it’s going to be hard

Long distance friendships can be tough. Sometimes after a terrible day you’re going to want to be able to have a cry on your friends shoulder but you won’t be able to. You’ll want to hang out with them: order pizzas, watch Netflix and complain about all the shit going on and they’ll be hours away.

It will suck and having someone who gets you so far away is rough. But if you can put in the effort the times when you do talk and spend time with each other will be worth it.

2. Use social media to it’s max.

Message each other constantly about the big stuff and the small stuff. Tell them when you miss your bus and have to wait twenty minutes for the next one and tell them when you get a good mark on an essay you left to the last minute. Watch shows together and sit on the phone in silence and chat during the ad breaks. Skype while watching the same movie and fall asleep during the boring bits without hanging up. Be involved in each other’s lives so it doesn’t feel like every time you talk is a massive catch up.

3. Always organise a next time

For lazy friends, this is key. Whenever you do see/call/Skype each other, arrange a next time. Otherwise you might find yourself going ages without actually seeing your friend’s face or hearing their voice. If you meet up with each other, plan the next catch up asap that way you’re locked in and will have something to look forward to.

4. Don’t cancel

Don’t bail on your mates–simple. When the friends you’re seeing all the time through uni/work/school make plans it’s easy to bail. You can justify it by saying you’ll see them soon anyway. But if you want to make a long distance friendship work, you can’t cancel just because you’re not in the mood to go. Especially if meeting up means figuring out time zones, work/school time tables and sleep schedules, constantly cancelling for no good reason is a shit thing to do. Commit to plans and follow through or reassess how much you want the friendship to work.

5. Make the effort

Commit to making time for each other even when your schedule is hectic and you have fifty million things going on at once. Call them, if only for five minutes, even when you’ve had a long day and all you want to do it go to bed. Send them a message when something exciting happens and fill them in on the details. Make the effort to keep them in your life.