Everything tends to get a bit hectic at the end of the year. Exams, assignments, major works and a million deadlines come flying at you and amongst it all, you’re faced with some pretty big decisions. If you’re heading to uni after Year 12, you’re probably stressing about what one is going to be right for you. With so many options out there it’s super easy to get overwhelmed, but don’t start freaking out.

1. Course selection

Uni is a different game to high school. Subjects are different, assignments can be harder and there’s a lot of new things to get used to. When deciding on a uni you want to make sure it’s going to give you every opportunity to ace your degree, including pathway options, assignment support and bridging courses.

2. Uni vibes

Not only do you want to make sure that your uni has the right course for you, but you’re also going to want to sus out whether they’re going to give you the right learning environment. Every uni is different. Some are going to be more research based while some will give you a more hands-on experience. You might be keen on opportunities to travel and study or getting a solid internship before you finish your degree- whatever direction you want to take make sure your uni has the options there for you.

3. Support

Transition to uni can be tough, so it’s important to compare support services when picking the perfect uni for you. This includes things like career support as well as mental health and counselling options which will have a massive impact on your uni experience.

4. The fun stuff

Yeah, you’re going to uni to get a degree but at the same time you want to enjoy your experience as much as possible. Sus out things like clubs and societies, sports teams, uni games, the uni bar, open days, orientation weeks, career seminars and all the other events the uni might offer and weigh up whether you’re keen to get amongst it.

5. Location

What the campus is like is just as important as where it is. If you’re not a fan of travel it’ll pay to have a look at a uni with a local campus or student accommodation options. As well as this, different campuses have different vibes so it’s always worth doing what you can to get to an open day or a campus tour to see what it’s like in person.