You’ve been taught since Year 7, that if you send a nude, your entire life will crumble around you and you will die. High school tends to have a pretty crappy track-record in terms of being sex-positive in a 21st century context which means no one is ever really taught about all the safe ways to send the highest form of art- a nude.

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve sent a nude. A literal, 61% chance that you have, because thanks to Triple J’s What’s Up In Your World survey, we’ve got all the tea on your rudey nudies!

The good news on sending nudes

Seeing as everyone’s sending them, you’d hope that there’d be no shitty consequences, and you’d be (mostly) right. Only 5% of men and 9% of women have had negative experiences after sending a nude, meaning the majority of you guys seem to be having good time.

The bad news

Upsettingly (but not surprisingly), women are more than twice as likely to have received an unwanted or explicit image than men. Dudes, unless whoever you’re snapchatting or DM’ing is actually keen, keep your members to yourself. Consent! Consent! Consent!

Some helpful tips

The Triple J report also found that 2 in 3 people have seen a nude that wasn’t meant for their eyes. This is shit for nude-senders nationally, as your nudes should be private and sent to people you trust, regardless of how temporary your Snapchat crush is going to be.

Sexting was a very different beast not so long ago. Texting was the only place to confess your pure and undying love to a romantic partner, through the form of R-Rated pixelated Nokia photo. This meant there was no way to control what happened to your images after they were sent.

Whilst there’s nowhere that’s 100% safe to literally dick around on the internet- be smart. Snapchat is your friend. It’s temporary. You can usually tell if worse comes to worst and someone has taken a screenshot (plus, you’d hope that the person you were messaging wasn’t shady enough to have a snap save app). Avoid saving pics on your camera roll- you don’t want to show your family holiday pics from the Leaning Tower of Pisa and then accidentally show your Leaning Tower of Pisa- download a vault app instead if you must hold onto snaps.

And guys, unfortunately, your dick isn’t the most appealing thing to look at in picture format, regardless of what you’re into or how highly you regard it. If she or he’s not feeling your vibe, try sending a solid selfie, or a picture of your dog, or a picture of someone else’s dog. Dog’s will never be met with a bad response- an awkward , unwanted penis will.

The law on it all

If you’re going to sext (which I know you are) it’s important to know where you stand legally. While you can consent to sex in most states at 16 years old (SA and TAS is 17), sexting falls into a different category.

If you’re under 18 you can’t consent to sexting and any photo you take and/or send is classed as child pornography.

Sending, receiving and/or saving a photo of someone under 18 is also illegal.

If someone is pressuring you for a photo, or threatening you with one you’ve sent in the past, it’s a form of harassment which is illegal- regardless of how old you are.

Have fun! Stay Safe! Follow the Law! Use good lighting! Work those angles!