What’s it all about?

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) is unique. It provides you with the opportunity to complete your tertiary studies whilst beginning a challenging and exciting career as a junior officer in the Navy, Army or Air Force.

Will it suit me?

  • Paid a salary to study
  • Best student-to-teacher ratio in the country
  • No Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) debt
  • Graduate with a guaranteed job
  • Free healthcare and subsidised accommodation

What will I learn?

At ADFA you will study for a degree from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), one of Australia’s leading universities. You will study an Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Science or Technology degree with some of Australia’s brightest minds. As well as obtaining a world class education, you will also learn the leadership and military skills you will need as a junior officer in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

How long will it last?

ADFA graduates are required to serve an Initial Minimum Period of Service (IMPS). This is to ensure the ADF get an acceptable return for investing in your training. Essentially it is a period of time ADF members are required to serve until they can voluntarily resign. The length of IMPS varies between jobs but generally speaking, ADFA members join for between five to 14.5 years depending on the job. At ADFA, Air Force and Army officer cadets can resign at any time within the first two years and Navy midshipmen can resign at any time within the first year without having to meet an IMPS.

What will I earn?

In your first year, you will receive a salary package of $39,525 (excluding superannuation), plus all of your tuition fees are covered.

What careers will there be for me?

There are a variety of officer positions available in many different fields, from Administration and Logistics through to Aviation, Intelligence and Engineering. You could become a Weapons Electrical Engineer in the Navy, a Pilot in the Army, or even an Air Combat Officer in the Air Force – there are dozens of exciting careers open to you.

What’s for me?

That is precisely the difference with Year13.  We work with over 30 course providers who will find out what you have always wanted to do and find the best course and provider to suit your study needs.

Whether you are studying part time, full time, online, or in a classroom our course advisors will find the best fit to suit your needs.