Finishing high school is a trip. Suddenly your world is thrown upside down, in the best and sometimes worst of ways.

Holding onto friends when the structure of your life changes so drastically and so quickly, can be tough. Don’t lose hope though! There are a lot of super easy ways to make sure you don’t lose your mates after high school.

1. Reminders will save your life

Everyone gets busy but it’s super easy to keep track of your friends lives. We’re living in the golden age of technology, so setting digital reminders is the easiest it has ever been. All you need to do it jot down little notes into your calendar about things like exams, birthdays and job interviews.

If your mate tells you they have a massive exam coming up, chuck it in your phone and send them a text on the day to wish them luck. Take note of break ups and when family members pass away so that you can check in on your friends during tough times.

Everyone has so much going on, so don’t feel guilty for needing to make reminders.

2. Have a low effort event

Pick a day of the week that forces you guys to catch up and requires very minimal effort to organise. Sunday morning coffee? Wednesday arvo dog walk?

There’s so many easy things you can do with each other just so you can have a chat, and if for some reason there’s absolutely no way you can fit in the dog walk, replace it with a FaceTime.

3. Turn any event into a hang out

Need to pick up groceries your mum forgot? Pick up your friend on the way. Ducking into Kmart to see how much money you can spend on pointless shit? Take your bestie.

Some of the best memories I have with friends is when we were doing something totally inane, it’s that easy.

4. Organise something to look forward to

Buy tickets to a gig or a festival, book in for a movie premiere coming up, plan a holiday together. Basically, lock in something that you can look forward to together.

This can help hold your two together if you don’t have the time to see each other as much as you’d like, you can get excited for something at the same time, put effort into planning everything and the suspense can be just as good as the actual event.

5. Remember that people change, and it’s okay to adapt

Finishing high school means that you have to learn to be comfortable with the fact that a lot of your friends are going to go in different directions.

Maintaining your high school friends does take some effort and the harsh truth is that without the convenience of school, you will say goodbye to some of your best mates. Some of your high school friends will stick around, and some won’t- it’s up to you to make it work.