Things are starting to get quite intense. We’re well and truly on the final stretch of our very long, sometimes shit, sometimes great high school journey.

Yet, despite being on the cusp of leaving, the pressure is building and you’re probably not quite sure what to do with yourself.

I know the feeling. It was only just last year when I was looking at whatever notes I had, staring at them like they were hieroglyphics. There’s a weird feeling of knowing, deep down you’re kind-of prepared, but for some reason it’s like everything is screaming at you that you’re the opposite.

Everyone’s telling you not to stress, whilst simultaneously asking if you’re prepared. There’s few moments in your life where you’ll be feeling this way again, but if everything is becoming a bit overwhelming at the moment, you’re allowed to tap out for a bit.

If you’ve reached the point of burn out, you need to cut yourself some slack otherwise all your hard work will be wasted.

You need to prioritise giving yourself a break. And no, if you’re not a hard studier, this does not mean a break from procrastinating. It means a real, well-earned break, within all of the chaos of exam prep.

I remember staying up in the late hours of the night and then reading my notes in the shower before bed. I would wake up tired, relied on coffee and ended up not pacing myself in the best way I could.

If you’re a serial-studier, finding an actual way to take a breather can be difficult. You already know that Netflix is the cure for most things, but have you ever thought about colouring in again? Ever thought about lying down in the backyard listening to music? Baking a cake?

These all sound weird in theory but the actual process of doing them can be very therapeutic. Find your niche relaxation exercise and run with it.

If you’re a truly dedicated wonder-student, there’s probably nothing I can say that will stop you from manically memorising all your notes obsessively in the lead-up to exams but you’re the only person who can truly know when the pressure is getting overwhelming.

Be honest with yourself, and if you’re about to get to breaking point, sit down, take a deep breath and download a Shrek colouring-in-page to soothe your stress.