Have you ever had the uncontrollable, undeniable feeling to just leave? Not in a rude or bitter sense, but to just get out for a bit. Leave all of your relationships, responsibilities, work and just leave? Get outta town! If you’ve felt this way before, fear not; you are not alone. Since finishing high school, I haven’t been able to shake the idea away of moving out. Living out of home seems so shiny and adult, in the best of ways.

I would be able to have my own space. Find a greater sense of responsibility and independence. Carve out a place where I can be undeniably myself. My home town just doesn’t give me that luxury anymore.

Home town blues is a very real thing. Living in a place that has its own set of rules and norms while trying to find yourself and be yourself can be suffocating so it’s a natural response wanting to have a break from the confines of where you grew up. You should never feel bad if where you grew up just isn’t for you. You can appreciate its positives without ignoring its negativities.

I’ve thought about moving into the city. I’d be able to live by myself, while still keeping close contact with home. I’ve thought about moving interstate. A level up in terms of independence, while experiencing a new type of life. I’ve thought about leaving the country. A giant leap, one that would truly throw me into the deep end, in the best of ways. But then I get nervous.
Moving away is a big step, one that I’m still not entirely sure about. Living out of home seems easy and carefree in theory, but the reality of it is that you’d have to change your life in more ways than one.

You have to worry about rent, groceries, laundry as well as a heap of other scary adult things. You have to be prepared to abandon all of the luxuries of living at home, comfortably protected from the responsibility of financial and personal independence. You need to think whether or not it’s worth it. It’s okay if you’re not ready.

Don’t let stepping into the adult world scare you though, sometimes taking that leap is what needs to happen in order to shed everything about your hometown that just doesn’t fit you anymore. And that’s okay.

Moving out isn’t something I’ve done yet, but after weighing up all the pros and cons, I still can’t wait, and I couldn’t be more excited about the unpredictability of it all.