It’s a rite of passage for students all over the world to leave the nest when they finish high school, but us Aussies seem to be stay cooped up with our parents during our formative adult years. While there are really good perks to this, we’re also missing out on some sick experiences that come with the freedom of moving out. Here is our definitive guide to the pros and cons of moving out while studying.

Pros of moving out

1. House parties

You won’t have to wait ‘til your parents are away to throw a massive party now! Even if you’re not into the idea of hundreds of randoms fucking up your humble abode, being one of the first of your group to move out means your mates will always want to hang out at yours and you can host pre-drinks knowing that bed is just a minute away. 

2. Closer to uni/work/the fun

For a lot of people, moving out means they get to live closer to the action and no longer have to spend an hour on a fucked night bus watching people keep in their vomit on the way home after a night out. Plus, cutting down on the commute to work and uni means you have more time to study and relax.

3. It fosters your independence

Moving out also forces you to learn some really important life skills, like how to feed yourself without contracting salmonella. You also wise up on things like keeping on top of your finances, paying bills, and basic cleanliness habits. When you’re in uni, there’s nothing sexier than someone who cooks you dinner and regularly cleans their sheets.

4. Gives you privacy

You’re an adult now, and you’re going to meet a bunch of other adults that you might even want to take home. Moving out gives you the privacy to do so, and you get to avoid awkward encounters with judgey family members.

5. Makes you appreciate your family more

Nearly everyone I know that’s moved out of home has said that having some distance from their parents helped improve the relationship they have with them. I guess when you’re not hearing them constantly nag you about cleaning your room you start to appreciate their finer qualities and may even *gasp* miss them a little.

Cons of moving out

1. It’s bloody expensive

There’s no dressing it up – moving out costs a lot of money. You need to make sure you’re earning enough and saving enough to not run into any trouble, and your spending habits may have to change ensure this. Your savings will suffer as well, and your moving out might have to be in lieu of frequent holidays.

2. Can encourage irresponsibility

Sometimes we move out too early when we’re not quite ready yet, and the sudden freedom brings out the worst habits in us. Frozen pizza for dinner every night, never doing any cleaning, partying too much – they’re all things that we can fall into to, and we can end up fucking up our health and studies for a while doing so.

3. Takes up a lot of your time

If you do manage to take the responsible route of moving out, then maintaining healthy habits will take up a lot of your time. You’ll have more responsibility than other people your age and it’s things like cooking dinner and doing the dishes every night that can mean you don’t have the time or energy to meet up with friends afterwards.

4. Say goodbye to some luxuries

It’s not harsh to assume that you’ll end up renting a place that’s, with all due respect, a shit hole compared to your family home. You won’t have aircon any more, so get used to sleeping with a fan blowing in your face all night. Also, being in charge of your own groceries often means that you can’t afford the same food your parents buy and will have to settle for less.

What’s it all mean?

There are loads of things to consider before moving out while studying, and it may not be for everyone. It can also be the best thing for you to do after high school. Read our other articles on the subject (here, here, and here) and ask your friends what they think. You can talk to your parents about it, too, but ultimately the decision is yours to make, any fuck ups included.