Just around the corner is the time where thousands of 18-year-olds and not-quite-18-year-olds-but-really-wish-they-were rush off overseas, to the Gold Coast or to humble coastal towns to celebrate the end of 13 long years of schooling. You know what we’re talking about - it’s schoolies.

Or, as parents see it, the time to get absolutely blind off the cheapest grog, stir up mischief and be completely unreachable for seven days.

If you’ve ever flicked on the news during schoolies, you’ll get why our parents aren’t so keen on it – there’s images of teens chucking up their guts and and making a complete fool of themselves on national television.

Which can make it pretty tough to convince your parents to let you set off on your own schoolies adventure when graduation rolls around.

But, despite the popular belief that schoolies is dedicated to getting absolutely sloshed, it’s not all about who can neck the most Cruisers.

Schoolies is the time to celebrate completing the hard slog of final exams and to create memories with your mates. And while a lot of us might head to the Gold Coast for a less than wholesome time – there are plenty of other options out there that will give you the adventure you deserve after finishing high school that your parents will actually be keen on.

One of them is with our mates over at Schoolies Unearthed who have bloody amazing experiences that even your parents will be happy with.

What is Schoolies Unearthed?

If the name didn’t give it away, it’s a schoolies trip but it’s a lil different to your regular options. Schoolies Unearthed gives you the chance to travel with a group of other high school grads to one of four epic destinations, backpacking your way around and contributing to a sustainable community project while you’re at it.

From the super ancient jungles of Borneo to the insanely clear tropical waters of Vanuatu - every Unearthed journey takes exploration to the next level. You’ll step away from the typical tourist trail and really discover what each destination has to offer, from coming face to face with wildlife, trekking the Himalayas, beach volleyball, and karaoke with the locals - there's never a dull moment. Check out the locations below:

Why will parents rate it?

One of the best parts about Schoolies Unearthed is that they understand the struggle of trying to convince your parents to send you across the world. They place you in teams of likeminded grads accompanied by two trained, adult leaders and take care of your insurance, meals, accommodation and flights. It’s a hassle-free trip with everything sorted for you which means it’ll be super easy to convince your mum and dad to let you go.

A bigger and better schoolies experience

It’s time to toss out the idea that alcohol is what makes schoolies… well schoolies. It’s about creating new memories and having the time of your life. It’s about getting outside of that high school bubble that you’ve spent so long in, forgetting about exams, marks and the stress of your ATAR and having fun. We reckon you deserve a good time after all the hard work you’ve put in so why not go on a trip that’ll let you do that (and that you’ll be able to remember at the end of it).

So, if you’re having trouble convincing your parents, show ‘em a handful of programs that are a little more wholesome than a week getting sloshed. We reckon they’ll be sold.