At Year13, we know exactly how little your ATAR can mean to your future, especially if you are planning on studying in a creative industry. Creative skill and a ‘good eye’ can’t be measured by a number, so we are super chuffed when we find an educator who shares the same views as we do.

The Academy of Information Technology (AIT) is one such educator. They offer courses in digital media industries such as animation, graphic design, filmmaking, app development and game programming. And their Diploma courses don’t require an ATAR! Their Bachelor degrees have an ATAR cut-off of 60 for direct entry, but if you haven’t quite managed to get that mark – not to worry. You’ve got a second chance to gain entry.

Instead of your ATAR, AIT will check out your portfolio to get a better idea of your level of creativity and digital skills. And if you don’t have a portfolio yet, don’t even stress. AIT are offering portfolio crash courses at their campuses – basically teaching you exactly what you need to succeed.

AIT’s Diploma Courses

AIT’s Diploma courses are 1 year in length and FEE-Help approved.

The offer diplomas in:

  • Interactive Media
  • Digital Design
  • Information Technology

AIT’s Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor degrees at AIT are 3 years in length (however, 2-year accelerated programs are also available). All are FEE-Help approved and provide a truck load of hands-on, practical experience to get you industry-ready.

Bachelor degrees include:

  • Interactive Media (2D Animation, 3D Design, Film & Video or Game Design)
  • Digital Design
  • IT (Mobile Apps Development or Games Programming).

I’m Not Too Sure Yet…

No problems! AIT have info nights just for this reason. If you want a little more information, you can head along one of the info nights in Melbourne or Sydney on Thursday 2nd March.

If you want to get an even better idea of what it might be like to study at AIT, you can head along to one of their free (I repeat, FREE) workshop days. Choose which course you’re interested in knowing more about and jump in the classroom for the day to experience what you would learn in an AIT course. These are being held on Saturday 4th March at the Sydney campus, and Saturday 25th Feb (Intro to Film Editing) and Saturday 18th March at the Melbourne campus.

Want more information about AIT? Check here for all the deets.