When you’re in your final years of high school everyone will warn you that you will lose friends after you graduate. They’ll tell you that it’s hard to hold onto people once you finish high school; people change and take different paths and most of the friends you’ve spent the last six years with aren’t going to feature so much in the next couple of years of your life.

For some of us, it’s sad. We don’t want to lose the people who have stuck by us all these years–the ones who have been by our side through first kisses, flunked exams, birthday parties and detentions.

But, I’ll be the first to put my hand up and admit that I couldn’t wait to ditch my high school friends.

When I finished high school, I was sick of being around people that hadn’t changed since Year 7; people who stirred up drama for the sake of it and talked shit about everyone behind their back. I was sick of the friends that made everything about them and who only ever had negative things to say about the world.

I read all the articles about staying in touch and how to hold onto your friends, but I wanted our friendships to fade away. We’d reached a point where we were too different from each other, and I knew that after high school that gap was only going to get wider. I was over the boring conversations about the same things day in and day out at school and couldn’t wait to leave the pettiness that happened whenever someone didn’t invite a certain person to their party, or the drama that popped up when someone was left out of the group.

By the end of high school I realised that I was itching for the day when I wouldn’t have to sit next to the same person in Maths or make an excuse to avoid hanging out with the group.

It’s hard when you get to this point because you still have to see the same people every day, and you can’t cut them off without confrontation. You’ve still got classes, exams, formal and grad to get through and it’s not possible to do it without them. Tolerating them will feel tough, and you might head home every day tired of listening to their drama.

But the time will come when you can ditch your high school friends you’ve outgrown. You’ll be able to find new people who will remind you what it’s like to have real friends. You’ll naturally distance yourself from your high school buds, without the drama of breaking up with them. You’ll all get on with your lives, without each other. You’ll finally ditch your high school friends and it will be bloody amazing.