As you near the end of the school year and (for some of you) your high school life, you’ll start to realise that it means saying goodbye to your friends. Whether you admit it or not, things are about to change and some of it is going to hurt. The people you’ve spent every recess and lunch with for the past six years are going to start living separate lives and harsh reality is you’re going to be saying your last farewells. Uni, work, gap years and life will start to get in the way despite your best efforts to stay in touch. On the flip side, graduating also means saying goodbye to high school drama.

You won’t have to deal with arguments about who is hanging out with who- you’ll realise that everyone has their own life and not everything needs to be a group activity.

You won’t come home and bitch and moan to your mum about another argument you had or about how you and your best friend aren’t talking to each other again. No more will you need to complain about how Rachel ditched your group at lunch or how Sarah didn’t sit next to you in English.

You won’t have to deal with whispers or rumours that travel throughout hallways and classrooms. Or the stress that comes with having people think that you’re the same person you were in Year 7.

Look, I’m not saying the drama completely ends. There will always be people looking to start shit, people that you don’t get along with and people that will stay stuck in a high school mind-set for the rest of their life. You will work with people that thrive off talking about others behind their back and you will meet people that have the mentality of the mean girls from high school.

But it does get easier to avoid. You will develop a better attitude towards people. You will be able to cut people off if they treat you like shit when you’re no longer confined to a classroom with them every day. You’ll realise that you don’t need people in your life who don’t belong there.

When you leave high school you won’t have to deal with it anymore. If you don’t want to be friends with someone you won’t have to see their face every day in Maths. The people you decide to spend time with won’t be friends of convenience like a lot of your high school buddies- these one’s will be in it for the long haul. People will settle down and start living their lives rather than stirring up trouble in everyone else’s.

High school drama is built on big blow ups, emotions, hormones and stress. It’s freak outs about growing up and moving on. It’s needing attention and validation. It’s wanting to try new things but being scared to step out of line. And when you combine all this with the pressure of exams, pimples and a lack of sleep it can all get out of control. So when you walk out those gates for the last time feel a tiny bit of relief that you can say goodbye to high school drama.