When it comes to your teenage years, getting your license is a deadset highlight. Jumping in the car, slapping those P’s stickers on and pumping your favourite beats is a massive milestone and it probably provides more fun and freedom than the day you turn 18.

Because let’s face it, you’re 18th will probably be punctuated by drinking way too much in a crappy pub or club while getting your license can literally take you wherever you want. It’s freedom at your fingertips. Here are a couple of hacks for getting it done sooner rather than later.

1. keys2drive

keys2drive is a free, introductory driving course for you and your parent/friend who’s going to teach you to drive. It’s just an hour but it’s a good place to start your path to getting your license. You and your mum can get in the car and watch while an accredited driving instructor provides a practical demonstration and shows you the ropes.

To be eligible, you just need to have your L’s and bring your supervising driver teacher (aka your mum or dad). You can register for it over here.

2. Bonus hours 

If you’ve got some spare pennies laying around to pay for some driving lessons from a fully credited instructor, it’s totally worth it. Why? Well, each hour on the road with that teacher is worth 3 hours in your logbook. This means that you can do 10 hours of lessons and receive 30 hours towards your logbook. But don’t get too carried away, 10 hours is the maximum amount of 3 for 1 hours that you can redeem.

3. Safer Drivers Course

The Safer Drivers Course is a government initiative designed to make young people drive better and reduce accidents on the road.

It works like this: Once you’ve got 50 hours of L-plate driving under your belt, you become eligible to do the course, which significantly reduces the hours you’re required to log on your L’s. The Safer Drivers Course lasts 5 hours (3 hours in class and 2 hours behind the wheel) but once completed, it’s recognised as 20 logbook hours. That’s going to shave a bunch of time off the long slog to getting all your hours done.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a learner driver
  • Be under 25-years-old
  • Have done 50 logged hours of driving (including 10 hours of night driving).

The Safer Drivers Course costs $140 but there are 1000 places each year for those from disadvantaged backgrounds to do the course for free. Here’s the application form.

You should be ridin’ dirty in no time.