After surviving hours and hours of your mum screaming at you to brake while learning to drive, getting your Ps is certainly one of the biggest milestones you’ll celebrate.

The moment you complete the test and get the all clear that you’re able to hit the roads unsupervised, your life will change. Especially if you’re the first of your mates on your Ps.

I remember taking a sneaky selfie with my red P plates and the group chat blew up. After a few brief messages of congrats, I started getting inundated with requests for Maccas runs, beach days and to be deso on the next night out. I was stoked; it felt like I finally had the freedom to get out there and do what I really wanted to do, with the best company.

But, it didn’t take long for the honeymoon phase to fade away. Having your licence first certainly does have its downfalls.

1. Always the deso

Yep, once a deso, always a deso. Well, that is until one of your mates musters up the hours or passes their Ps test.

Being sober does have it perks, but getting lit and sinking bevvies at a party is always good fun. Being the only one in the group with your licence and your mates relying on you to be the deso for every damn night out can get real old, real quick.

2. Everyone wants a lift

Look, we get it. You’re the first one to get your licence and you wanna flex to your mates so you offer everyone a lift home. You shove as many as you can in your car and drop off all your mates. You feel like an absolute legend.

Trust me though, that feeling doesn’t last long. The more you drive your mates, the more they’re gonna expect a lift. You thought you would save a bunch of time getting home now that you got your Ps- the reality is the opposite as you detour to drop everyone off at their front door.

If your mate has their Ps and they say no to giving you a lift home, cut them some slack will ya?

3. Endless money pit

I left this one for last because it’s a big one. It doesn’t cross your mind immediately but it’s one that comes back to bite you in the ass. Having your license is exxy.

You’ve just paid a hefty amount for driving lessons, the driving test and the licence itself. Unfortunately for you, it doesn’t end there.

Petrol? Bloody expensive. Insurance? Costs a limb. Servicing? Something is always wrong. Nobody prepares you for how much you’ve gotta fork out to keep your trusty stead runnin’ smoothly (and we’re not even thinking about how much you coughed up to buy your first car). Especially when you’re unable to earn much moolah since you’re either studying all the time, or trying to balance the million other things you need to do. Your bank account goes from slowly trickling to intense plummeting in a matter of weeks once you get your licence.

It’s not all sunshine and roses being the first mate on their Ps (it’s not all bad either–but we’ve saved that for another article).

So, if one of your mates just got their Ps and you’re getting a lift from them, help them out a lil’. Whether it be pitching in for petrol, shouting them their Maccas or helping them clean their car to make it beautiful once more, a helping hand does go a long way.