Getting off your Ls is a big deal. You’ve put in the hard yards clocking up your hours, listening to your parents yell at you for not braking early enough and getting through the pressure that comes with your driving test. Finally getting your Ps and being able to drive without a supervising adult in the seat next to you is a pretty big milestone (regardless of whether you get them as soon as you can or have been stuck on your Ls for years).

When you’re handed that shiny, new licence you can finally take on the road all by yourself; you don’t have to have someone else in the car controlling the music, you can scream all your favourite songs at the top of your lungs and pull into Maccas whenever you damn well please. Here’s some of the other things you’ll experience when you can finally drive solo.

1. You’ll wonder how you got your licence

As exciting as it is, finally getting your Ps is also slightly terrifying. You’re out on the road all by yourself, without a capable adult who will tell you whether you should brake or drive through a yellow light (I still struggle with this). It’s all up to you to figure out if you’re accidentally doing illegal stuff like parking in the wrong place.

2. You’ll spend insane amounts of money on food (and petrol)

Getting your licence can end up being pretty expensive. Even if you don’t go out and buy your first car straight away, once you can drive yourself places you’ll find yourself spending all your cash on food and petrol to get you to the food. All of sudden it’s all too easy to make a quick run to Maccas when you’re feeling like a double cheeseburger.

3. Everyone will ask for lifts

Get ready to be asked for lifts, especially if you’re one of the first in your group to get your Ps. You’ll be the go-to person when your mates don’t want to catch the bus, are drunk at a party or need a lift home after a night out. Your little brother will ask for a lift so he doesn’t have to walk and there’s no way you’re driving home from school without making at least three different pit stops to drop mates your mates off first.

4. Driving will turn into therapy sessions

You’ll soon realise that driving by yourself turns into low key therapy sessions. Whether it’s screaming out the lyrics to your favourite song, or crying to sad songs when you drive home late at night, driving by yourself gives you a chance to let it all out. You’ll jump in the car and go for a drive when you fight with your family or when you’re too stressed to study.

5. You’ll finally feel like you’re becoming a Real Adult

Getting your licence is one of the ultimate signs of freedom. You don’t have to be dragged around the shops with your mum, you can leave awkward family events whenever you want and you’re completely in charge of your own schedule. You don’t need to rely on your friends for lifts, and you’re free from all the crap you copped for being the only one left on your Ls. You can go on road trips and to the drive ins, ditch public transport and stop having to ask your mum to be your deso for the night.

Basically, getting your licence is a massive rite of passage that will have you feeling like a Real Adult (in fact, we reckon it’s better than turning 18).