We all know being stuck on your Ls sucks. You have to bum lifts off your mates (who give you crap about not being able to drive), you’re making all the grocery runs with your mum just to get your hours up and your only option when there’s no responsible adult around to drive with you is to catch public transport.

Being on your Ls means no late-night drives, no Maccas runs, no road trips, no drive-in movies annnddddd if that wasn’t bad enough, not having your licence can seriously impact your chances of landing a job, especially an apprenticeship.

While it might seem like employers are already asking for too much (I’m lookin’ at you ‘entry level’ jobs that require 10+ years of experience), it actually makes sense that they want people with their licence. Having your licence shows you’re dedicated, reliable, will show up on time and are willing to learn, so the longer you put off going for your test, the worse it looks for you when applying for jobs.

For anyone looking for an apprenticeship it’s also super important to have your licence. If you’re keen to become a tradie you need to be able to get to the job site every morning and because you could be working all over the place, sometimes public transport isn’t an option (and mum and dad are going to get sick of driving you pretty damn quickly).

On top of that, you’ll probably need to move between job sites during the day, run errands and pick up materials or tools- which is pretty hard to do if you’re relying on the bus.

Basically, the sooner you get your licence the better your chances of  landing a job, so we reckon you should get on top of it as soon as possible. You can head here if you need some help getting your hours up, or here if you need some advice on passing your Ps test.

At the very least it’s going to get your mates off your back about not being able to drive- and that alone should be enough to push you to get your licence.

Got your licence and keen to find an apprenticeship? If you’re located in Victoria, our mates at Apprenticeships Matter can help you out. All you have to do is head here where you can get more info or tell ‘em you’re keen to get started.