What’s it all about?

The hospitality industry is a several billion dollar industry that covers an array of fields ranging from working in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, theme parks, motels/hotels and many other places that attract multiple people everyday. Hospitality traineeships can be done whilst in school but be sure to check with your school as to whether they offer this as a subject. If you choose to work in one of these areas you’re sure to be kept busy and interact with hundreds of people on a regular basis.


Will it suit me?

If you enjoy helping people, are energetic, sociable and confident then hospitality is the industry to choose for your traineeship as hospitality has a strong focus around customer service and doing your best to create a friendly environment for people who come to your place of work.

What will I learn?

This traineeship educates you with skills required to thrive in the hospitality industry and blends these with multiple practical skills to be successful in the one of largest industries the world. Given the far-reaching relevance of customer-focused skills, hospitality traineeships offer you possibilities for career development outside the hospitality industry as well. You will learn hospitality skills from food, beverage and kitchen operations to human resources, accounting and event management, thus training you in a multitude of areas that allow you to become extremely successful within this field!

  • Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)
  • Bachelor of Business (Tourism and Hospitality)
  • Advanced Diploma of Hospitality (Hotel Management Pathway)
  • Diploma of Hospitality
  • Certificates I to IV

How long with it last and what will I earn?

This depends on where you choose to study, be that at TAFE or at a private college, but most commonly they take 1 – 2 years to complete. The wage in hospitality varies between each work place and it fluctuates with how much you work. However to round it off you can earn around $300, depending on your school leaving age and any other experience, skills and qualifications.
This wage will rise each year according to the industry award for trainees.

What careers will there be for me and what will I earn?

Because the range of careers is so broad, it’s hard to say just how much you’ll earn once you’ve finished your traineeship, but it could be anywhere from $750 a week on a full-time wage, to $150,000 salary a year, depending on your age, skills, qualifications and experience.

For now here are some jobs within hospitality and their wages

Concierge: $40,000+
Cook: $45,000+
Hotel & Gaming: $50,000+
Management & Supervisory Roles: $65,000+

Why Year13?

Year13 is a free service that work with training providers across the country, we don’t require you to have any minimum year 12 grades, or university admission scores. All courses are designed so that you can slow things down, or speed them up as you choose. With constant mentor support, access to all the material you need, and various government funding available, it’s the easiest option for anyone wanting to get into a career.