What’s it all about?

Business provides a broad and comprehensive preparation for anyone wishing to pursue a career in business. In today’s competitive marketplace, graduates in business learn and develop  a comprehensive understanding of all business functions and strategy skills. Working and Studying business across all industries, gives you the competitive edge for your career. Our comprehensive and flexible business courses prepare our you for rewarding and successful careers in management, consulting, starting their own business and academia in teaching business courses. There are number of courses available to you with the core business skills giving you an understanding across all industries and a competitive edge for your  career.

Will it suit me?

If you’re ambitious, driven, want to kick-start your career get one step closer to that dream job, then yes, you should definitely consider studying a business course. The best part is that it will help you across any sort of industry you decide to get into later.

What will I learn?

Depending on the course you choose, you will learn a range of skills that include:

  • Identifying and planning for prospective sales
  • Developing & implementing sales plans
  • Building relationships & business networks
  • Communication skills
  • Customer interaction and presentation skills
  • Leadership and teamwork skills

Popular Business courses are:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Commerce
  • Business Administration

These courses are delivered on a number of flexible platforms,  so you can fit them around your other commitments, like going out, school or uni. If you want to increase the practical experience you get out of the course.

How long will the course last?

If you’re studying, the course length is usually around 1 to 4 years and you’ll be nationally recognised once you complete. Some people complete it much faster while some courses and degrees take longer.

What will I earn?

Because the range of careers is so broad, it’s hard to say just how much you’ll earn once you’ve finished your training, but it could be anywhere from $1,000 a week on a full-time wage, to $150,000 salary a year and more, depending skills, qualifications and experience as well as if you plan on working for someone else or starting something on your own.

What careers will there be for me?

There are so many career paths open to you once you’ve finished your business course. You can work in human resources, legal practices, finance, marketing or any specialised industry. You may want to set up your own business. The fantastic thing about our business courses is that you can combine your skills with whatever you’d like to specialise in after.

What is Fee-Help or HECS?

Did you know the FEE-HELP / HECS scheme allows you to study now and pay for a course later? The great thing about FEE-HELP / HECS is that you don’t have to make any re-payments until you have a job and your income reaches a certain level, which for the 2014 / 15 income year is $53,345.

What’s for me?

That is precisely the difference with Year13.  We work with over 30 course providers who will find out what you have always wanted to do and find the best course and provider to suit your study needs. Whether you are studying part time, full time, online, or in a classroom our course advisors will find the best fit to suit your needs.