What’s it all about?

In the modern age, the Tourism industry makes up a significant part of the economy, providing employment to almost 1 million Australians. Tourism is a diverse industry that includes sectors such as airlines, hotels, restaurants, retail travel agencies, cruise ships, eco-tourism operations, nightclubs, bars, national parks and many more.

Will it suit me?

If you want to get away from the typical 9-5 ‘corporate job’ and are willing to explore new and exciting industries, then yes, it will suit you well. The Tourism Industry is so diverse that it caters to many different types of people in a range of areas.

A career in tourism can involve a huge range of disciplines from accounting to tour guiding and everything in-between. Considering there are approximately 35,000 vacancies in the Australian Tourism industry at any given time, it’s an exciting and promising option to consider for a long-term career.

What will I learn?

When undertaking a tourism course you will most likely encounter and learn about areas such as:

  • Tourism Planning
  • Accounting
  • International Tourism
  • Management
  • Meeting Planning
  • Transportation
  • Travel and Tourism

How long will the course last?

Depending on what level you’re looking at studying, there is a variety of studying options when it comes to tourism.  You can be nationally recognised within 6 months with a Cert III or Cert IV. Diplomas and Degree’s take longer, and can offer a broader career path, but these are your starting points.

  • Certificate III in Tourism
  • Certificate IV in Tourism
  • Diploma of Tourism
  • Bachelors Degree – Tourism

What careers will there be for me?

Studying Tourism will give you a broad range of skills to work across a range of jobs within the Tourism industry. Some examples of careers you can pursue are:

  • Tourism
  • Tourism Operations Management
  • Tourism and Travel Advisor
  • Travel Writer
  • Tour Guide
  • Travel Attendant
  • Travel Consultants

What is Fee-Help or HECS?

Did you know the FEE-HELP / HECS scheme allows you to study now and pay for a course later? The great thing about FEE-HELP / HECS is that you don’t have to make any re-payments until you have a job and your income reaches a certain level, which for the 2014 / 15 income year is $53,345.

What’s for me?

That is precisely the difference with Year13.  We work with over 30 course providers who will find out what you have always wanted to do and find the best course and provider to suit your study needs.

Whether you are studying part time, full time, online, or in a classroom our course advisors will find the best fit to suit your needs.