What’s it all about?

The term “filmmaking” is broad and covers a whole spectrum of styles and approaches, from commercials through to art house. 

Your teachers should draw on the greatest filmmakers of all time as the benchmark for which to aim. Find a school that has high aspirations for their students and wants them to learn from the best.

Will it suit me?

  • Do you love film?
  • Are you a storyteller?
  • Are you passionate about bringing stories to life?
  • Do you work well with others?
  • Are you committed and willing to work to meet a deadline?

Answer yes to these questions and you should keep reading about studying film!

What will I learn?

You will learn skills to set you up to work in the film industry! Make sure your course exposes you to a broad range of both film and digital skills including:

  • directing actors
  • cinematography
  • camera operation
  • screenwriting
  • editing & producing
  • production management
  • production design; sound recording & design; digital effects
  • film analysis; music for film
  • continuity; first assistant direction
  • and experimental filmmaking.

Some film schools provide you with a budget for you to direct and create your own short films. This means that straight out of college you will already have several IMDB credits for your resume!

How long will the course last ?

Depending on which film school you study, filmmaking courses can take anywhere from 1 to 3 years to complete.  There are nationally accredited courses that comply to the nominated standards of the Australian Screen (Film & Television) Industries and audited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) on behalf of the Australian Government.

  • Diploma of Screen and Media: 1 year
  • Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media: additional 1 year post-Diploma
  • Certificate IV in Screen and Media: 1 year 

What will I earn?

The wage range is quite varied, as are the career paths you could take. There is so much to the film industry – you’ll find your specialisation during your course – let your passion lead you!

What careers will there be for me?

So many options! For starters, you could be an Editor, Sound Designer, Editing, Production Designer, Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Writer, First Assistant Director and everything in between.

What is Fee-Help or HECS?

Did you know the FEE-HELP / HECS scheme allows you to study now and pay for a course later? The great thing about FEE-HELP / HECS is that you don’t have to make any re-payments until you have a job and your income reaches a certain level, which for the 2014 / 15 income year is $53,345.

What’s for me?

That is precisely the difference with Year13.  We work with over 30 course providers who will find out what you have always wanted to do and find the best course and provider to suit your study needs.

Whether you are studying part time, full time, online, or in a classroom our course advisors will find the best fit to suit your needs.