There’s plenty of noise out there about traditional university degrees being a little bit behind the 8-ball when it comes to prepping you for a career in this technological mess of a world we’re living in. With so much going on and so many changes happening before we even have a chance to understand the last one, it can be pretty hard to know what the best way to educate yourself about technology is, especially if you’re keen on a degree that involves a lot of tech-savviness.

Lucky for you we’ve found you a degree that will save you from all the hassle and it was developed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services, so you know it’s top notch. We’ve talked about these types of degrees before because they’re super unique in that they involve three qualifications in one. This means you can walk out at any time after first year and you’ll still leave with a qualification.

Bachelor of Applied Cloud Technology

The degree is offered by La Trobe University, delivered by Didasko, and is perfect for anyone considering a career in IT, web or software development or computer science. The course will get you up to speed with everything you need to know about information systems, machine learning, big data, computer networks and ‘the cloud’ (does anyone else say ‘the cloud’ in their head the same way the little aliens from Toy Story say ‘the claaaaw’? No? Just me? Okay.)

Basically, the degree has been specifically developed for the booming cloud computing industry in collaboration with the big dog themselves, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Plus, the degree is delivered entirely online, which is brilliant because it means you can study in the way that suits your schedule and lifestyle (there’s also a part-time option if you need a bit more time for life). If you want to maintain a job or study and travel at the same time, then online is the best way to go about it.

Three quals in one degree (so you can exit early)

Possibly the best thing about this degree is the fact that you can finish up early and still walk away with a qualification. Whenever you start a three-year degree like this one, there’s always the chance that something unforeseeable will come up and you won’t be able to finish out the last year or two.

These guys understand that and it’s why they’ve made it possible to exit the course after first year or second year and still leave with something to put on your resume. Finish after first year and you’ll have gained a Diploma of Applied Cloud Technology, walk away after second year and you’ve got an Associate Degree in Applied Cloud Technology, or go all the way and get yourself the bachelor’s degree.

Aaaaand there’s no ATAR needed

We know you’re not defined by a number, so why should your future hang in the balance? La Trobe and Didasko know your ATAR doesn’t mean diddly-squat if you’re a hard worker and passionate about the course, so they’re not after an ATAR for admission into their degrees. Instead, you’ll simply need Year 12 completion OR an equivalent qualification OR work experience after having left school (one years-worth for IT students).

Keen to know more? La Trobe and Didasko also have business and IT degrees that are structured this way, which you can read all about over here, or if you’re keen to know more you can download the free course guide here.