The way we work, and the jobs we do, are changing fast. Technological advancements–such as instant communication, interactive media and a constant stream of new apps mean that industries evolve super quickly.

This can make things hard for universities because they constantly need to update their course content in order to stay relevant. Some unis do this better than others but La Trobe University and Didasko have partnered to create something pretty awesome for the future business market. It’s a new online business degree, which is specifically geared to be up to date with industry standards.

This is a course with an “enquiry-based learning approach” that is designed to help students with “problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills relevant to any business”.

The course combines real-world business skills with crucial theoretical knowledge and graduates come out qualified for a wide range of positions and industries.

Not only that, the course is structured around you–because the course is delivered completely online, it’s totally flexible and you get to structure it around your life. Academic support is available five days a week and you get to design your own timetable. Intakes are also open every month, which is pretty awesome.

Provided you have completed Year 12, you can enter this course after successfully completing a 20-minute assessment test. (Your Year 12 ATAR score is not a factor).

After completing the threeyear course, you’ll end up with a Bachelor of Applied Business, and there’s the option of getting a major in either marketing or management. There’s also the option of exiting with a Diploma after the first year (eight subjects) or with an Associate Degree after two years (16 subjects). You can also undertake the course through the HECS-HELP initiative, which means you don’t have to pay course fees until you start earning more than $55, 874 per year. Yew!

In the first year of the Degree, you’ll sample a range of business disciplines in order to give you an idea of how the industry works and what you’re likely to experience once you graduate. Then, it’s up to you to choose a major, after which you’ll specialise in that during years twp and three.

As far as courses go, this one sounds like a cracker. Scope out all the details here.