It’s no surprise that so many of us are wandering from job to job, degree to degree, country to country. Never before has the world been so accessible! Websites like workaway allow us to travel anywhere in the world for free, we just have to pay for flights to get there. Online jobs boards allow us to see the plethora of employment opportunities available all over the globe. There are tonnes of gap year programs that encourage us to volunteer in areas we’re passionate about before we go and study it. Universities are tailoring their courses to the changing market and big companies are realising the value of young people and are hiring them without degrees. The world is like a huge, crazy whirlwind and we don’t feel any rush to leave it.

Because of this, a lot of us have lost the ability to patiently sit through a few more years of study, or a few more years at the job we don’t like to climb into a rank that we will. Why? Because we don’t want to feel like we’re wasting our life. We’re content wandering from ‘thing’ to ‘thing’, and we’re not worried about the future at all.

Is it a bad thing? Should we stop wandering and start wondering how and when we’ll settle? The current market doesn’t show any signs of waning, at least in terms of opportunities and growth… so why should our desire to go and do everything halt? Because if the market is welcoming our worldly experience from travel, our half-completed degrees, our huge resume of previous employment experience despite a lack of commitment to most of them, then why should we “grow up” and start living an aged routine? I think society is a lot more accepting of either pathway at the moment.

At the same time, maybe it is a bad thing. We aren’t learning patience, dedication and drive in the same way. We are walking away when things get hard, or when we’re distracted by a new shiny thing. We jump at opportunities when they’re presented to us, without stopping, thinking about it, and waiting for the next thing which could be even better, or more fitting for our current situation. Do we learn to navigate this the more we experience things?

I’m a wanderer, but I’m not lost. I don’t wake up unsettled about my lack of direction because I know the world is full of opportunities. I’m reminded of that every time I log into Instagram and read blogs and browse Facebook. People change their entire life goal in one fell swoop and that leaves me with hope about my unsettled nature. We are blessed with opportunities while we are young and without the responsibility of a marriage or children.

I say keep wandering, keep changing your mind, keep chasing the occupations and the ideas that will make you happy and content. Don’t settle just for the sake of settling.