Winter has set in over the Southern Hemisphere and you’re just not ready for that. The semester is over, you’ve finally saved enough money (or not) to get out of your parents’ stuffy house and you hear the world calling to you. Well, now is your time to answer that call.

Travel, in all of its forms and budgets, is a way to not only step into the unknown but to catapult yourself head-first. Get out of your neat little suburb, away from the café that knows your coffee order by heart and you’ll be forced to re-evaluate things.

If you can’t afford a flight, throw some baked beans and a mattress in your mate’s car, and head up the coast for a week. Teach the backpacking Germans some good Aussie slang, notice how the air feels heavier up there and enjoy the open space.

If you’re joining the masses heading to Europe for their summer, or escaping the cold where it's always warm in Asia, here’s a reminder to take every random opportunity that comes your way. Go skinny-dipping in Mykonos, eat some delicacies off the street in Vietnam or try navigating a foreign city blind drunk with a mate. That’s how you make memories.

Without a doubt, one of the most valuable parts of travelling is the people you meet. Whether they’re from Lithuania, Argentina or South-Africa, you can connect instantly with open-minded strangers over the common force of being away from home.

Over beers, you’ll share stories, compare hometowns and cultures. These friendships will be some of the most genuine you’ll have ever had - and with any luck, you’ll score an invitation to stay with them if you’re ever in their hometown!

So for whoever needs to hear it, get out of here and go travel. The world is calling.

Written by Ella Katz