Choosing what to do on your gap year can be a bloody tricky task. There’s just so much to choose from and time can feel limited! But there’s a way to combine all the best bits of a gap year into one crazy 12-month period and make every minute of your year count – working overseas.

Gain work experience

Something a lot of school leavers are lacking when it comes to entering the workforce is a decent amount of work experience. And while your stint at the local Maccas or fish ‘n’ chip shop got you enough coin to get through high school, it probably isn’t enough to bulk out a healthy looking resume. But then again, after so many years working hard at school, often all ya wanna do is run free in the world. Working overseas is pretty much killing two major life goals with one giant boulder. More work experience and extended overseas travel.

Make money to fund your travels

So that travel bug has got you good and your feet are itching like you’ve just acquired a fresh bout of tinea. But you’ve barely got enough money to afford a one-way flight let alone to fund the luxurious European escapades you’ve imagined. Working overseas means you don’t have to spend half the year slaving away at a shitty job in your hometown to scrape enough coin together. You can land at Heathrow with next to nothing in your pocket and start making cash straight away. With two days off every week you will have plenty of money to fund some mini trips away. All you’ve gotta figure out is where to head off to first.

Become a local

Travelling doesn’t have to mean a new city, bed and party every night of the week. Often the most rewarding part of travelling is staying in one place and getting under the skin of a town, city or village. When you’re working in one spot for a while you get the chance to create a home away from home. Maybe you’ll make mates with the regulars, discover your new favourite coffee shop and find hidden gems down back streets. With so much time up your sleeve, you’ll be able to explore every nook and cranny. You always appreciate a place so much more when you get the chance to truly understand how it ticks.

Meet heaps of new mates

One of the greatest parts of travel is the mates you make along the way. Often these people enter our lives for just a fleeting moment before parting ways into the big wide world. One way to make sure you secure these friendships for more than just a whirlwind few days is by making friends at work. Many working gap year programs attract people from all over the world which means you’ll never be short of a travel companion who is just as keen as you are to make the most of your days off!

Working overseas is pretty much the ideal gap year for those who want to experience everything life after high school as to offer, all at once. If it sounds like the gig you’re after for this year, sus out The UK Pub Co. They’re all about setting up overseas travellers with a job and accommodation in the UK before your flight even leaves the runway. They’ll get you a job in a classic UK pub and set you up in accommodation so close by, you’ll be able to smell the roast dinners. How good??

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