All our cool friends, older siblings and pretty much the entire #wanderlust community keeps romanticising spontaneous travelling, as if setting off to another country with a full backpack and no plans is everyone’s idea of fun. What they don’t understand is that for many of us, that sounds fucking terrifying, and even if wanting to explore new places is universal, not everyone wants to do it by winging it.

Thankfully there are heaps of gap year programs out there that are designed to take out the stress of travel and make things as easy and fun for you as possible, and we’ve found one program in particular that’s gonna make your life a lot easier.

It’s with UK Pub Co., who will hook you up with both a pub job and some cheap accommodation (on average around £35 a week, cheap as chips) for your stay in the UK. They’ve got something like 750+ employers under their belt so they’re ready to go whenever you are. There are a variety of jobs going in UK pubs and depending on your education/experience, you could be a chef, waiter or a bartender. And they’ll do it all for less than a grand – just $895 AUD to have your accomm and work sorted for you before you leave Oz.

There’s plenty of perks, so check ‘em out and then register your interest.

It’s great for first-time travellers

If you’ve never travelled on your own before, it’s easy to get caught up in the whole mystery of it all. You’ve never left home and you may not know what you’ll actually grow to enjoy about travel, let alone how to go about doing it. UK Pubs is perfect because they sort everything out for you and you’re not going to be thrown in the deep end. By the end of it, you may leave with the confidence to embark on a trip independently – or you may even want to keep going on gap year programs.

They save you heaps of time

Even if you are a seasoned traveller and know how to organise your trip efficiently, sometimes we just don’t have time for that and gap year programs still come in handy. You might be swamped at work or uni during the lead up (hence the need for the break) and spending the beginning of your holiday looking for accommodation, a job, or things to do is a chore nobody wants to do. UK Pubs put in all the legwork for you, often working out all your life admin before you even leave your home country. This means you’ll have more time to do the shit you want, and none of that boring stuff.

You’ll make some amazing friends

A common concern for people before they go travelling is whether they’re going to make any friends. It’s fair enough, too – you could be setting foot in an entirely new country where you know zero people and may not even speak the language, and it’s easy sometimes to let insecurity get the better of you. UK Pubs is bloody fantastic because you’re automatically set up with friends through the people you work with. There’s nothing like the bond between hospo workers and after a long shift you’ll probably find yourself want to knock back a few with the people you’ve spent the last eight hours with.

UK Pub Co. is one of our favourite gap year programs at Year13. They’re your best friend and safety net, sorting out a job and accommodation for you and guaranteeing you full-time work to get you the funds to enjoy yourself. You’ll be working, living, and partying with other people that are there for the same reasons and there’s plenty of opportunity for travel with the rest of Europe at your doorstep.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind a chat, is keen to extend your hospo experience and wants to spend some time working and travelling the UK (obviously), then I don’t know how this program could be any more perfect. The UK is known for having some of the oldest and best pubs in the world. Couple this with the drinking culture over there (some say it might even rival Australia’s), and I’d say you’ve got yourself a pretty damn fine workplace. Sus out more info here.