On the other side of final exams in the magical land of No School Forever lies the opportunity to work and party in the UK while putting away dosh for the rest of your European gap year. If this sounds like your idea of a great time (and why wouldn’t it?), hit up UK Pub Co. and they’ll set you up with a nifty pub job and a place to live quicker than you can put the kettle on.

UKPC have been in the biz for ages, assisting Aussies and other travellers from all over the world through their O.G. live-in pub work gap year program. They understand how expensive travelling can be, especially if you’re planning to spend several months – or even a year – traipsing through big European cities and quaint countryside towns. The program only costs $895, and the great thing about it is you can start working and saving for that big trip whilst already being in a different country. The thrill of discovering a new place pretty much means your holiday starts early when you would otherwise be stuck at home.

Another great thing about them is that they make the whole process seem like a bloody breeze. With over 750 partners in their network of employers, UKPC organises a job for you before you even arrive in the country. Also included is ridiculously cheap staff accommodation (average of £35 a week) that’s on-site or nearby, so you can roll off your bed and into work within minutes. You’ve got full-time hours and two days off per week guaranteed, as well as pre-departure assistance with things like flights, visas, and travel insurance. They keep in contact with you after you’ve arrived, too, making sure you’re settling in nicely and providing ongoing support and deals.

Once you’re there, you’re gonna find yourself in the sickest of environments with loads of other travellers. You’ll be pulling pints for people that want to get boozy, and naturally you and your new workmates are gonna want to get boozy afterwards too. You’ll also have a blast chatting up the local punters (Brits loooove the Aussie accent) and you can spend your weekends geeking out at the set of Harry Potter, dancing to some sweet UK Garage, or pretending you’re a character in the ensemble cast of Love, Actually. There are cathedrals and palaces to explore, world-class museums, even weird pebbley beaches.

What’s more, once you’ve made the most of your pub job in England, you’ve got the rest of Europe to spend your hard-earned cash. Picture yourself sipping sangria in Spain, cycling through the French countryside, or zen-ing out in an Icelandic thermal pool. UK Pub Co. have it all sorted for you, and they are in the business of giving you the most exciting gap year possible. Sus here for more details.