Year 12 exams are fast approaching and school is nearly out forever, which means gap year season is almost upon us. Travelling is almost definitely on the agenda, but chances are you haven’t quite figured out the what or the where just yet. Not to worry, we’ve got 10 amazing gap year options right here.

1. Jackaroo / Jillaroo in the Australian Outback

Wanna stay a little closer to home, but still manage to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Why not work on a cattle station in the Australian outback? If you’re keen to get experience farming, you love animals and you wanna give being a cowboy or cowgirl a try, this is the gap year you’re looking for.

2. UK Pub Work Gap Year

Pour beers and meet new people in the pub capital of the world. Work for your accommodation, food, and travel money, then spend your time off travelling the UK and Europe. Doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Work & Live / Work & Ski in Japan

Speak Japanese? Keen to immerse yourself in a new culture? Japan gap years can take you from one end of the country to the other – from the tropical beaches of Okinawa or test your skiing skills on the Japanese slopes.

4. Teach English Overseas

Teaching English to kids and adults overseas is an incredible way to connect with people from other cultures. Volunteer or get paid to teach, then spend your free time exploring new, exciting cities.

5. Turtle Conservation In Costa Rica

Are Crush and Squirt your favourite characters from Finding Nemo? Then turtle conservation is right up your alley. Help preserve the nesting sites of sea turtles and helping little baby turtles make it safely to the sea. And do it all on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica!

6. Live & Work in Canada

Canada is a beautiful country, and it doesn’t get much better than in the Rocky Mountains. There are resorts dotted across this area of Canada, where you could be completing a variety of different roles, from hospo to housekeeping, to retail and tourism.

7. Borneo Orangutan Sanctuary

The orangutan population is on the decline as more of their habitats are lost to deforestation. You can do your part to help out by rehabilitating rescued, injured or orphaned orangutans in the orangutan sanctuary in Malays.