Some of our best memories are made on festival grounds. Even if we leave the weekend with our bodies a little worse for wear, we remember how it made us feel–the joy, amazement, and wonder. Everything about it—the colourful lights, the incredible stage designs, the legendary line-up of artists playing the perfect selection of songs–comes together to create something that closely resembles magic. What sorcery is this?! How the heck do the organisers pull it off?

Turns out these people aren’t wizards, they’re just qualified. And if managing festivals, concerts, music events, and artists sounds right up your street, then you better suss out this course.

It’s called Entertainment Business Management (EBM) and it’s offered at JMC Academy in the form of a diploma or a degree. It’s the best way to learn what goes on behind the scenes at any music or entertainment event, and it’ll give you both the theoretical grounding and the practical experience you need to land a gig in the best bloody industry in the world.

1. Gain practical experience working on real-life music events

You’ll learn from experienced staff who are accomplished in their fields, covering topics such as event planning, production, digital marketing, and social media strategy. It’s a real hands-on, practical education where you’ll be assessed on actually doing the thing you came there to do (aka putting your skills into action and organising real-life music events).

Previous EBM students have worked on the likes of Mountain Sounds, Big Sound, Good Life and the upcoming Expo Liaison. Plus, you’ll graduate with the industry connections you’ll need to get a start running your own festivals, theatre performances, and other events.

2. Learn skills that’ll set you up for a variety of roles and industries

If festivals aren’t quite your thing, but still want to get into the business management side of entertainment, you’ll be glad to know that everything you learn during this course is just as easily applied to other areas in the arts. Learning about the logistics of running an event is useful for film and television production management, and marketing knowledge is needed for all kinds of companies from record labels to media agencies.

Studying EBM also means you’ll learn about talent management, music publishing, and business negotiation, which means the range of jobs available to you is vast, including artist manager, booking agent, licencing agent, copyright manager, label manager, publicist, tour manager, social media strategist, and more.

3. Take your studies overseas and learn from the best

EBM students also have the opportunity to study abroad and use their new skills at events around the world, including the chance to complete one trimester at Fontys University Academy in Tilburg, Netherlands. Back at home, JMC will make sure you graduate with a portfolio of professional work and helps students find internships at companies such as MTV, Universal Music, Ministry of Sound, Vivid, Sydney Mardi Gras, Mountain Sounds Festival, Jungle Love Festival, and more.

JMC Academy has campuses in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, each with state-of-the-art facilities for production in music, film, television, game development, animation and digital design–anything that tickles your creative fancy. Class sizes are kept small so that staff are able to focus on your needs and what you want to get out of the course. Jump over here to sus more info and register your interest.