If you’re looking for you first job, then working in fast food is probably on the cards. My first gig was working at my local Maccas down the road, exactly a seven minute walk from my house. After school I would scramble into stained black jeans and fasten my apron, ready for hours of fryers, ice-cream machines and flipping burgers. It tested my patience at the best of times, and at the worst I couldn’t even bear to eat the fries. But it did have its benefits; it paid me, I got a shit tonne of free food and met some of my best friends.


Working in fast-food challenged me to say the least. Everyone will tell you that it looks great on your resume and that's true, even if sometimes the work you have to do is dirty and disgusting. I spent my first two months cleaning bathroom and changing bins.

Customers will stretch your comfort zone which can be tough (but ultimately make you into a better communicator). It’s surprising how many people think that just because they’re in a fast food restaurant they can be rude to you. 

On top of this, most fast food places are 24 hours (or have late hours). This can make your shifts really long or at random times throughout the day/night. I’m not a morning person and getting up at five in the morning, to operate the drive-thru on Sunday was a tough slog to get through.


When I first started working I had no idea what my co-workers were going to be like and so the first few shifts were absolutely terrifying. The best part about working in the fast food industry is that it attracts people from everywhere. It doesn’t matter what school or suburb or age you are because you’re all stuck in this job and soon enough you’ll get to know the people around you. There’s nothing quite like laughing with your friends on shift about whatever happened on your shift.

Of course, never underestimate the power of money and as shit as working in fast food can be, you still get some money landing in your bank every week/fortnight/month. Not having to ask your mum for money is one of the best feelings. You can save your cash for your favourite music festival or for that camera you’ve always wanted, or spend it all as soon as you get it. Doesn’t matter what you do with it, because it’s all yours.

Plus, if you’re not planning to stay at the same fast food place forever, other employers will love seeing a fast food job on your resume. It shows a couple of really important things. One, that you’ve got the discipline to get out there and get a job and two, that you know how to interact with the public and have some customer service skills.