I'm going to be honest with you - your final year of high school will probably feel like one of the most stressful years of your life. The stress will only continue to accumulate, and your school will drill it into you that your marks and studying are all that matters.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to arrive at a stage where you’ll contemplate quitting your job to focus on your studies. So, marks or money?

The choice is yours, but I’m here to tell ya that you can have both - you’ve just gotta put a lil bit extra effort in. Here's some reasons why you should hang in there.

1. You’ll have a steady cash flow

With a job, you’ll always have a steady cash flow to rely on. That means you’ll have money to go out and do some things that may help you relax - whether that’s hanging out with your mates or treating yourself to some much-needed retail therapy. It's not until you cut this off that you realise how crap it is to rely on your mum and dad to dish you out cash every time you need something.

2. Having a job can help you avoid burning out

Much like what sport can do for you, having a job can prevent you from burning out. It allows you to go into another environment that isn’t all about exams and assessments.

But overworking yourself can have the opposite effect, so make sure you discuss with your employer about your sitch. Tell them you’re in your final year and you’re after reduced hours. Most of the time, they’ll understand and cater to ya.

3. Getting a job after is tough

It’s a big fat lie whoever said finding a job after high school is easy. It’s definitely not. The older you are, the tougher it gets (you know the whole you need experience to get experience). Take it from me - one of my biggest regrets in high school was quitting my job during my final year and I didn’t have a stable job until the first couple weeks of uni.

4. Your job is a motivator to commit to a schedule

You may not be aware of it, but having a job makes you commit to a schedule. There’s little room to procrastinate when you’ve got a job, and this is truly a blessing as you’re going to get everything done. No excuses.

5. Quitting your job doesn’t make you a better student

To be completely honest with you, procrastination haunts all of us. Quitting a job doesn’t magically make you focus or give you hours of free time. Do I think I did better in my final year because I quit my job? Not really, if anything, it fuelled my stress because I was constantly focused on studying and didn't have anything to break it up.  

Sure, I got a great mark. But so did my mates who had jobs. If you’re tossing up whether you should quit your job to focus on study, my advice is to use it as a last resort. Reduce your hours, take some time off around exams or ask for shorter shifts. But hang in there if you can; it'll be worth it in the long run.