With only a month until final high school exams start to truly fuck up your life, most people tend to ignore absolutely everything else in their life and just focus on studying.

While this may be an effective method to gain a few measly marks, chances are you’ll end up making it to summer completely unprepared for one of the best celebration periods of your life. This is unacceptable.

Despite what a lot of so-called ‘voices of reason’ will tell you, now is the perfect time to keep working and start saving money.

I’m not saying it should be your number one priority but having it on your mind will mean you get to leave school with some dollars to your name. Here’s why now’s the best time to save.

1. Your social life isn’t peaking

Let’s face it, you don’t really have a lot going on in the social side of things right now anyway. Everyone’s locked up in their rooms or the library and you’re not likely to see a casual drink up anytime soon.

Even those unlucky chumps whose birthdays are in this period are waiting out the storm before having their 18ths, because they sure as well aren’t gonna let exams ruin that milestone.

With limited activity comes limited expenditure, so you might as well take advantage of this natural lull and turn it into full on, deliberate saving. 

2. You need to break up your study with something

That said, it’s completely unhealthy to be just be studying; you need to be doing other things too. More earthy types will probably tell you to do some shit like go for walks or something and while we’ve always advocated for sport and exercise in Year 12, walking ain’t a thing to me if it’s not walking to the bank.

Keeping your job now means you have something to break up the monotony of study and it’ll help give you perspective in this time of need. Plus, you know, money. 

3. You’ll want to start celebrating as soon as you finish exams

If you don’t take our advice, when you finish exams you’ll have no money to have fun.

All your friends that did listen to us will be out partying or just generally blowing cash with reckless abandon while you scramble to find a job.

Don’t be that guy. Start saving now so you can afford more than just a box of goon to chug on the day of your last exam and so you can actually spend some time enjoying yourself when you’re finally done.

4. Schoolies is bloody soon

Schoolies will come sooner than you think, and you don’t want to be left without any money to feed and blind yourself every night.

Even if you’re not going to schoolies, you have a such a long summer to plan a holiday of any kind, whether it’s an overnight camping trip or backpacking overseas.

Saving now means you’ll be able to go straight away, or at least you’ll have a financial base to work from and you won’t be as stressed trying to make bank in summer.

And if it’s a gap year that you’re saving for, then any time spent working is welcome help!