What do you look for in a perfect job? Something suitable for a first time worker? Something that is flexible? Something that pays well, keeps you active and has the potential to take you overseas? But come on, the perfect job doesn’t exi-

Hold up. We may have found something.

Two words: teach swimming. You might never have thought about getting a licence to become a swimming and water safety teacher, but turns out it fulfils a lot of the things we look for in a perfect job. Because not only does an AUSTSWIM course licence you for a bunch of different roles, many of those roles pay very well, particularly for a first-time job. You’ll be swimming a lot (obvs) so you’ll be getting plenty of exercise and there are even a number of opportunities to travel overseas and teach kids how to swim in countries like the US, Timor and Vietnam.

Not convinced yet? Talk to Shae Denny, who gained her AUSTSWIM licence while she was in school, so she could quit her job in fast food and earn a bit more cash during her senior years. She says it’s much better than a lot of other part-time jobs for students, as the pay is better. “You can work fewer hours for the same money. So not only do you have more time to study, it also keeps you active.”

Then, after graduation, she took her licence to New York where she spent three months in a summer camp teaching kids how to swim. “It was awesome–the best experience I’ve had in my life,” she says.

Now she uses her AUSTSWIM licence  to do part-time work while she studies. “I have kept my licence up to date so I can pick up work whenever I need it,” she says. “And the hours are never late which makes a massive difference when you’re studying, especially if you’ve got early classes.”

If you’re keen on making swim teaching a part-time job, or even a full-time career, chat to our mates over at AUSTSWIM. They’re the only swimming  and water safety teaching course in Australia that is internationally accredited, so it’s the way to go when and if you’re keen to travel with your newfound skills teaching swimming.

All you need to get started is a good level of fitness, and you need to be at least 16 years of age. The course is only 16-20 contact hours with industry training, so you can get your accreditation quickly and dive right into work (see what we did there??).

Jump on to the AUSTSWIM site for more information if you’re keen to test out this perfect job theory… we could be on to something here.