Uni offers are starting to trickle out, and while it’s pretty exciting getting ready for the next step, it can also be a bit scary if you’re feeling underprepared. Thankfully, Year13 is here to help, so we’ve compiled this starter kit to help you settle into uni life as easily as possible.

1. Alarm

Whether it be because you’ve got to get up at 5:30am in order to be ready and at uni for an 8am class, or because you’ve got a tutorial at 2pm and you’re so hungover you might sleep through it, an alarm is essential for your uni life. Make sure your phone alarm is good and reliable, because trust us – there’s nothing worse than trying to slink in to your tutorial and getting caught in the act. That’s when your tutor is going to single you out and ask a question that you most definitely won’t know the answer to. Goodbye potential uni friends…

2. Laptop

While it’s often easier (and more conducive to learning) to take notes on paper in lectures, a laptop can work just as well if you’re a quick typist, and it’s perfect for doing assignments at home and at uni, especially between breaks. Most of your university readings will only be available online as well, so if you want to stay on top of your work, a portable laptop is essential (I know laptops are supposed to be portable by nature, but we all know not every laptop is born equal – some are just too damn chunky!)

But remember – if you do find yourself distracted in lectures, don’t forget that the hundred or so people in the lecture hall behind you can see everything you’re doing. So keep your procrastinating PG, please.

3. LostOnCampus

Or any other app that contains a map of your university. It’s only natural that in your first year of uni you get lost a few *cough* hundred *cough* times, because most uni campuses are so huge that they extend over multiple buildings and multiple streets. Even three years later you’ll be discovering places you never knew existed, and these apps are particularly handy for finding things like kitchens and microwaves, free hot water, study rooms and the nearest bathrooms. Cause when you gotta go, you gotta go.

4. Headphones

If you forget your headphones for one day at uni, your whole life is basically ruined. What are you going to do on the twice-a-day hour-and-a-half commute when you can’t even listen to music? How are you going to ignore people while you “work” silently in the library without the universal signal for ‘don’t talk to me’ plugged into your ears? You may even need your headphones to get actual work done, as many of your lectures will be posted online for you to listen to “again” (aka. when you didn’t show up the first time because the idea of getting a Boost juice just sounded so much better).

5. Coffee

It’ll get you through those all nighters and exam periods, and those early morning lectures that you wouldn’t be able to stay awake for otherwise. You can use it to form friendships during your first weeks (“hey, let’s grab a coffee” will work wonders) and doesn’t it just seem so uni to walk into a lecture with a coffee in hand? Luckily, most universities understand and cater for the high addiction rates among their student population, and will have cafes and coffee carts generously scattered across campus. NB: Tea is also acceptable.