Finishing high school is truly insane. It can feel like the fabric of your very existence is being turned on its head. After the glitz and glamour of graduation, formal and schoolies, things can get very quiet, very quickly; you hit the post high school slump.

In high school, teachers and peers tell you to get prepared for celebrating the end of school, uni preferences and enrolment, but once things quieten down, no one prepares you for the isolation of it all.  Suddenly, it feels as if your entire world stops.

I remember waking up each day, having no plans and just sitting and waiting for something to happen. I would have no motivation to find more work yet was aching to fill my time with something.

I was in a real state of anxious boredom; I didn’t know why I couldn’t force myself to just do something. All of a sudden, I couldn’t wait till uni. I couldn’t wait to get out of my slump. But I wish I had realised sooner that the slump isn’t something that should be wasted.

The time in between uni and high school, you have freedom–the sort of freedom you very rarely get in your life. Getting caught up in your own overthinking and stagnation will only make you feel bad about yourself, so you have to get out of that rut real quick.

Go to the gym, or even just a walk. Find more work, it’s always out there. Think about a holiday then plan it. There are so many ways to fill your time and you just need to crack yourself out of the belief that there’s not.

I started uni thinking it would be the solution to all my post high school problems. I was wildly wrong, leaving after a week. I didn’t like the structure of university, I couldn’t get motivated and I felt like I needed more time to figure myself out.

I was back at square one, with the same freedom as before and a feeling of dread that I was wasting what was meant to be the best time of my life.

So, when I dropped out of uni I took on any and all opportunities that came at me. I had a thing for writing so I started pitching ideas to anyone who would listen, I took on more shifts at work, I made plans for road trips and nights out with my friends and we actually followed through on them. I finally got past the slump and realised that there was a whole world ahead of me.

For some of you, uni will be exactly what you need; everyone’s different and different things will have the power to get you out of that post high school rut. But until then, find something that will motivate you to get out of bed and get your excited about your life again.

Only you have the power to actually do things that are worthwhile for your time; find them!